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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-14
Passive smoking is not much different from smoking as the same amount of smoke is inhaled both by the smoker as well as the one who stands near him. Thus, in order to minimize the harms of a cigarette as well as those of passive smoking an alternative needs to be used and one of the best alternatives to smoking is the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarettes were first founded in china somewhere during the year 2006 and gradually these became popular in Europe as Europe has a very high count of smokers and since many years the use of the electronic cigarette is becoming popular continuously and by now almost fifty percent of the people have already switched to the electronic cigarette to maintain the health that they were losing to the tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes have recently been in the news where it was charged of bullying people that it is safe but it contains the addictive called nicotine which is a part of tobacco and is responsible for the addiction to the cigarette smoking. But the fact is that the electronic cigarettes have nowhere claimed that they are hundred percent safe instead they are confident of being safer compared to the tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette are free from the harmful chemicals like tar, carbon mono oxide and others that can cause a lot of harm to the human body in breathing or in other ways like causing harm to the internal organs like the lungs. The electronic cigarette is free from almost 3000+ harmful chemicals which are the basic contents of the traditional cigarettes. A person who has switched to the electronic cigarette is safe and free from any of these chemicals thus they can carry out the smoking without letting it affect their health. And the best part is that these cigarettes let out no smoke so they are not banned under the smoking prohibited banners thus a person can take a puff without violating the public rules in any way.
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