An electronic cigarette, also called an e-cig,

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-27
to mimic traditional smoking experience, only without its most harmful aspects. The most notable difference with e-cigs is the fact that they don't actually produce any smoke - they use a battery to power an atomizer, which, in turn, administers the nicotine and flavor. Gone is the need to find a lighter or match to light a cigarette because the electronic cigarette has sensors that activate the atomizer when the user inhales, something which simulates traditional smoking. Usually made to look like a traditional cigarette, the electronic cigarette is an alternative for smokers who want to make smoking a less invasive habit. It is clearly less invasive to both the user and their surroundings because instead of exhaling tobacco smoke, vaporized nicotine solution (like steam) is exhaled. There is no smoke produced and no foul odor, and so the e-cig is safe to be used around children and senior citizens whose respiratory systems may be weak and susceptible to diseases caused by smoke. Multiple health benefits have also been attributed to smoking through an electronic cigarette compared to traditional smoking. To fully understand these, it is important to take a tour of what makes up an electronic cigarette. An e-cig is made up of the following parts: cartridge,atomizer, and power supply. The cartridge of an electronic cigarette is the mouthpiece and is also the part which serves as a reservoir for the liquid that contains nicotine and flavor. Its tip contains sensors that activate the atomizer when the user inhales. This is connected to the atomizer of the e-cig, which replaces the flame in traditional cigarettes insofar as it is what vaporizes the liquid. The atomizer is a heating agent that transforms the nicotine 'juice' into water vapor that can be inhaled by the user. Lastly, the power supply of an electronic cigarette is what energizes the atomizer of the electronic cigarette. Simply, the battery replaces fire, which ignites traditional tobacco cigarettes. In many e-cig models, lights have been installed at the tip of the battery to resemble the lit part of the cigarette. The same sensors that activate the atomizer power the artificial light at the tip of the electronic cigarette. Some e-cigs may also have a separate cartridge within the mouthpiece in which the nicotine and flavor may be administered. This is where the electronic cigarette is superior to traditional tobacco cigarettes in terms of taste and user preference. There is a wide array of nicotine strengths and flavors that the user can choose from. If smokers prefer menthol or a bolder, more robust flavor, all they need to do is purchase the corresponding liquid. It is, in many ways, a customizable electronic cigarette, which gives primacy to the needs and wants of the user. Electronic cigarettes come in many shapes and sizes. In general, however, the electronic cigarette is basically made up of the three aforementioned components.
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