An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a battery

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-11
Smokers here and there who have wanted to quit smoking have been stuck with smoking cessation methods like nicotine patches, gums and candies. But all these have been found to be ineffective to many users. The reason why many are dissatisfied with the above mentioned methods is because smokers cannot easily get over with the act of lighting a cigarette and puffing it with one hand. Nothing listed above meets this criterion. After a very long wait, finally, we have the electronic cigarette. Since its entrance in the world market, people have increasingly welcomed the thought that there is at last a solution to the problem of tobacco smoking. Take now however that electronic cigarette is not designed to be a smoking cessation method but just a smoking alternative. Using it can help smokers combat the urge to light up one of those disgusting, tar-filled tobacco cigarettes that have so long claimed the health of millions worldwide. Not only to traditional tobacco cigarettes smell bad to the people around, they are also loaded with carcinogenic and mutagenic substances that are known to cause devastating and fatal effects to humans. The truth of the matter is that the common tobacco cigarette contains roughly 4,000 known carcinogens. For this reason, smoking has been widely banned. It is just disheartening to know why millions still waste their time, money, effort and life in lighting this deadly stick known as tobacco cigarette. Can it help smokers quit smoking? Many user claimed that electronic cigarette actually 'work', helping them overcome their urge to smoke. We cannot determine the fact behind that claim. However, if we try to think of it, tobacco cigarette withdrawal is really a big possibility when a smoker starts using electronic cigarette. Usually electronic cigarette cartridges are rated in nicotine from Zero, Low, Medium, High and Extra High strengths. May it be high or zero in strength, electronic cigarette delivers the same pleasure and satisfaction smokers get from the old tobacco cigarette. Whether it is true or not, testimonies have it that electronic cigarette has its way of helping long time smokers quit easier than anything they have tried. How does an electronic cigarette work? An electronic cigarette has a cartridge where liquefied nicotine is stored, a battery to power the device and an atomizer. The atomizer heats up the liquid inside (water, propylene glycol, flouring, and nicotine drops) and creates a harmless vapor from the cartridge where it is connected to. This vapor seems like smoke that rapidly dissipates about 1-2 seconds just like an aerosol. There would be no lingering of odor in the air or stinky smell in the clothes that might annoy the people around. Plus it comes in different flavors to add up excitement and fun while puffing an electronic cigarette. Many airlines, bars and employers have allowed the use of electronic cigarette since it is zero risk in terms of fire. Electronic cigarettes are safe to use indoors. Therefore, the time spent on smoking breaks are cut down. As a result, employees become more efficient and productive. Life is too precious to be wasted on a vice like tobacco smoking. How could we ever let our loved ones cost their lives for a single cigarette stick? Now that electronic cigarette is brought into the market to give new hope to smokers, we are left with no reason not to buy one and throw off tobacco cigarettes.
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