An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is an

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-02
When was Electronic Cigarette discovered? The electronic cigarette concept is documented to have appeared first time in 1963 in a patent acquired by Herbert A. Gilbert. The innovation was described as 'a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette to provide a safe and harmless means for and method of smoking by replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air'. Because of the confines of technology at that time, this concept never took a practical shape. The modern electronic cigarette that is in use today was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. In the following year, the company he was working for i.e. Golden Dragon Holdings changed its name to Ruyan that means 'to resemble smoking' and started exporting its manufactured e-cigarettes in 2005-2006. How Electric Cigarette works? On one end of the e-cigarette lithium battery container is present and the other end contains the cartridge. Container has a liquid inside that constitutes nicotine, propylene glycol and an atomizer. What actually works within e-cigarette is the electronic circuit that gets activated when a smoker starts inhaling it. Vaporization process begins and the end of the cigarette glow red. What is taken in by the smoker during inhalation is not the actual smoke, rather its vapor containing nicotine. But when these vapors are exhaled out they do resemble smoke only to give the aroma of real smoking. E-cigarette goes back on standby mode when one stops inhaling it consequently stopping vaporization process. Benefits of Electric Cigarette: Almost everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health yet because of its common perception of being relaxing is nature many people get addicted to it. Keeping in view its use, demand and harmful effects, with the help of modern technology e-cigarette is invented, with an aim to make the life of individuals easier and enhance the safety measures for them. Stated below are the benefits that one acquires while using this product. Harmful effects of Electric Cigarettes: After reading out the benefits, one should also inquire about the negative sides of using anything that is though less toxic yet toxic in nature for human health. Following are the dangers that one confronts while using e-cigarettes: As e-cigarette costs less, it accelerates addiction in smokers.
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