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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-09
The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer was launched long back in the year 1999. This is a traditional box style unit that will allow you to inhale rich herbal vapor using direct inhalation system. Although the product was first launched with a soldering iron heater, now it comes equipped with a ceramic heater. It's true that you will not get any on-off switch in this device, but its analog temperature settings ensure that the users don't find it difficult to set the device at a desired temperature. To use the device, you will first allow it to attain optimal heat, for which you will have to wait for around ten minutes. According to the majority of the experts, ten minutes of heating time quite long, especially because there are quite a few vaporizing units available on the market that can reach the desired temperature within 3 to 4 minutes. However, as the vapor produced by this device is absolutely free from any toxic substance, purchasing it will not be a bad idea. The Vaporfection Stealth II This is a vaporizing units made in the US by a company called Vaporfection. The Stealth II was first introduced on the market in the year 2007. The Stealth IIs are basically hands-free devices boasting assisted airflow and digital temperature controls. Like the Vapor Brothers, this unit can also only be used using the direct inhalation method. Although the aluminum encased body of the Stealth II might appear a bit flimsy to you, you will surely be happy to know that the product comes with a heating element made 100 percent from glass. You will not need much effort for operating this vaporizing device. As a result, the unit is a perfect option for vaporizer users of all levels. Unlike, the Vapor Brothers, the Vaporfection Stealth II is capable of achieving optimal heating within only three minutes. The cool down time taken by it, on the other hand, is five minutes. One of the most notable parts of the Stealth II is its 'aqua vape in-line filter', which is a specially designed whip attachment that works by filtering the vapor produced by the device through water. This mechanism helps in enhancing the taste of the vapor significantly. You can use the product for vaporizing any herb of your choice and it will successfully produce rich, thick and tasty vapor by heating it.
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