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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-12
The Vaporite Nano Vaporizer has been manufactured in Vaporite's production unit in China. The company is offering a ninety day warranty on it. It is a direct inhalation type vaporizer that comes equipped with a low quality heating element made from nichrome. The device is also encased within an extremely low quality metal body. The experts are also not too happy with its hands free wand. According to them, the glass wand has not been designed carefully and thus often people find it ineffective. The Nano has a digital display on its front; this means, the user will be able to see the existing temperature of the device and also the temperature up to which it will be heated whenever he or she wants. People who have already used this Vaporite creation suggest that it should be heated up to the highest possible temperature; if not heated up to that temperature, the Nano will not be able to produce herbal vapor. The Nano takes around ten minutes for heating up completely and producing herbal vapor. According to some, the taste of the vapor produced by this unit is not impressive; some say that vapor produced by the Nano tastes like plastic. Next, let us discuss about another creation of Vaporite Inc, the Vaporite Solo Vaporizer. According to vaping experts, the Solo is one of the finest vaporizer models manufactured and marketed by the company. It is a box style, direct inhalation type vaporizing device that includes a ceramic nichrome heater. Its hands free vapor wand is made from ground glass. The next most fascinating feature of the unit is the digital display at its front. You can set the device at any temperature of your preference and the device with quickly heat itself up to that temperature. The time taken by the Solo for heating up ranges between 3 and 5 minutes, which is quite impressive. Every Vaporite Solo comes with an aromatherapy bulb made from ground glass. You can use this unit for vaporizing any herb or herbal blend of your choice; the device will surely come up with dense and rich vapor that tastes great. Besides having the ability of producing herbal vapor of extremely high quality, the Solo is also capable of producing vapor in large quantity. Thus, it can be said that this vaporizer makes maximum use of the herbs it has been loaded with. Like the Nano, the Solo also comes with a ninety day warranty. In addition to that, the company is also offering replacement parts at extremely low prices.
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