Conveyor belt cleaning system is a powerful cleaning

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-24
How does it work? Sanitizing is now possible in an environmentally responsible way. Using less than 15Lt of water per hour when heated under pressure to a high enough temperature produced by a steam cleaner or generator, the superheated state becomes dry steam vapor creating an extremely powerful cleaning tool. This is the only technology that can penetrate the micropores on stainless steel. Dry steam vapor particles penetrate all that hard to reach cracks and crevices without chemicals removing stubborn dirt, degreasing and killing bacteria and other microorganisms instantly. Conveyor belt cleaning is a system that leaves conveyor belts clean, dry and sanitized while they are in place or operating. It effectively blast soils off the conveyor belts to a totally chemical free and sanitized surface. Furthermore, it is a unique patented technology that cleans mesh, plastic, metal or flat conveyor belts in industries like food processing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing where conveyors need hygienic cleaning. Conveyor Belt Cleaning System Features * Compared with traditional methods the Conveyor Belt Cleaning System is much faster and easier. * It can be used to effectively and efficiently clean many different styles and different sized conveyor belts. * Build to give 24/7 cleaning and sanitizing power. It can be placed easily to any conveyor that makes the cleaning process and preparation quick and easy. * The steam generators or steam cleaner like Jetvac Major largely cut water use by producing 94% dry steam that requires only about 15Lt of water per hour. Delivers enough heat to any surface for instant kill and release of soils. * It has an electronic Control Box used to regulate the amount of steam released and can be mounted on the conveyor or on the steam generator. * Easy to maintain and user-friendly. This is a breakthrough technology that cleans, sanitized and dry conveyor belts in an organic way 100% microorganisms free. A significant savings on water usage, lower labor and shutdown costs while achieving a completely clean and sanitized conveyor belts.
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