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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-23
What Is An E-Cigarette? An electronic cigarette or vapor cigarette is a battery-powered device that produces a predetermined quantity of a liquid nicotine blend (encased in a cartridge) in a vaporized form. The blend provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to inhaling tobacco smoke, mimicking the actual process of smoking to a significant degree. The devices even have small LED lights at the tip that start glowing the moment the user inhales the cigarette to increase their similarity to traditional cigarettes. Most electronic cigarettes are designed to resemble conventional smoking devices such as pipes, cigars and cigarettes although there are a few models that mimic everyday gadgets like ballpoint pens or screwdrivers. The majority of these devices are reusable with refillable parts, but disposable electronic cigarettes have also been developed. What E-Cig reviews Say About Them Electronic cigarettes are rapidly growing in popularity and are quickly becoming an effective method of reducing the dangers of smoking in addition to being used as smoking cessation tools. There is absolutely no tobacco in this product. Moreover, the nicotine solution in electronic cigarettes is heated up rather than burnt as is the case in a traditional cigarette. This greatly reduces the chance of harmful carcinogens being created. Likewise, the lack of second hand smoke means that the people around you are no long subject to the dangers of passive smoking, making electronic cigarette the ideal choice for socially conscious smokers who wish to indulge in their habits without causing distress to their fellow human beings. There also definite aesthetic benefits to switching to electronic cigarette. Long term smoking of traditional cigarettes often leaves the user suffering from halitosis (bad breath) as well as badly discolored teeth. The new e-cigs however offer a clean smoking experience with no cigarette smell or stained teeth at the end of it. More importantly, one of the biggest advantages that electronic cigarettes have is that the nicotine hits the users very quickly. This rapid delivery helps reduce the nicotine dependency. Though the FDA is yet to officially categorize the electronic cigarette as a cessation device, there is no denying that e-cigarettes have been proven to be effective in helping people wean themselves off the smoking habit. Finally, with the electronic cigarette, smokers can go back to occupying non-smoking zones such as restaurants or airport lounges without any of the discomfort that comes from being unable to light up for extended periods of time. Since these devices do not contain any actual tobacco or require an open flame, they are also perfect for long flights. The smoke-like exhalation from an electronic cigarette consists of a harmless, odorless water vapor that disappears within seconds without causing any discomfort to fellow travelers. In conclusion, despite skepticism and the occasional unenthusiastic reviews e-cig devices offer certain irrefutable advantages over traditional cigarettes including but not limited to: ease of use, less toxicity, the lack of any discernable odor and the absence of passive smoking damage to others.
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