E-Cigarette: Dawn of Hope for Millions

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-20
A cigarette is a readily available supplement of pleasure that is in the reach of most people who have even a few cents in their pockets. It is known that most people who have smoked once will go for it again and again, said Lisa Zhou, PR manager of Ankaka.com. This turns into a habit, but this is not a habit like your daily tendency to go over to the nearest KFC or Taco to have some good food. This is like one single fatal disease rather than just a habit which causes over 5.4 million people to die every single year. Those who remain alive live in constant fear. This may be just because their close ones or they themselves cannot quit cigarette smoking. They fear it might cause their loss of life one day. For them, hope is not completely over. Back in the 50's, a brilliant man named Herbert A. Gilbert understood the possible bad effects of tobacco products and came up with an idea for smokers to smoke a fumeless, nicotine-less and harmless replacement of a cigarette. His theory never came out to be a functioning model. In the current century, where smoking tobacco has turned into a killer monster, Hon Lik along with his company from China has put together the functioning structure of a true replacement of cigarettes. This has brought forth in front of the world of smokers a new dawn of hope that can really help them to get rid of tobacco smoking. This is what we call the electronic cigarettes or simply 'E-cigarette'. E-cigarettes are actually an assembly of micro-combustors and mechanisms put together to make cigarette like smoke and flavor. They omit most of the dangers of the traditional cigarette. It has parts like a cartridge and an atomizer to carry out the internal combustion and smoke generation. Most important of all, it uses harmless liquids which contain little or almost no amount of nicotine to produce the flavored smoke. The omission of burning of direct burning of paper and tobacco makes it at least a hundred times less harmful than real cigarettes. Many of them have a very realistic outlook compared to the traditional ones. The resemblance is so striking that it may be extremely difficult to distinguish it from a real counterpart, even up-close. The worst part of smoking a paper-tobacco cigarette is that it harms the people surrounding a smoker even more than the smoker in some cases. Close family members like wife, children or friends sometimes suffer fatal diseases due to second hand smoking. Smokers themselves know that but yet they can't do a thing, because they can't quit. E- Cigarettes serve a good purpose here. It prevents the chances of secondhand smoking which is one of the best successes of it. Experts also found out that due to the fact that as the smokers cannot quit overnight, an E-cigarette would help them to slowly loose hold of it. Even if they can't quit, E-cigarettes would give them all the benefits of any anti-tobacco supplement available. Millions of smokers who are struggling to give up smoking and constantly breaking down all their efforts now have a chance. E-cigarettes can change their lives and of course it would be much less costly for them in comparison to wasting money on traditional cigarettes. There are good manufacturers of this amazing stuff. All the aware people of the world look forward as this revolution stretches its approach towards millions with a hope for change. To find out more information on Ankaka's line of Wholesale Electronic Cigarette check out this link: http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-electronic-cigarette_c10095
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