E-Cigarettes provide an alternative to smoking

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-19
E-cigarettes also get rid of any potential fire hazards or cigarette burns. Prior to the electric cigarette you needed to be concerned about cigarette burns in your clothes, on your carpet or in your car if you dropped it. If you are someone who sometimes will place your cigarette down on the edge of the sink or counter, you also have to worry about burn marks being left there if you forget to pick it back up quickly enough. With the electric cigarette, there is no fire so burns and marks are not an issue. And you can't waste your cigarette because it won't just sit there and burn away if you're not smoking it. You only use what you actually inhale. Because e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco like ordinary cigarettes, there is no smoke. No smoke smell soaking in your hair, on your clothes, in your car, in your house, on your fingers or to bother other people around you. You can literally smoke any place you like again without having to worry about the smell or that someone will be offended. You can smoke with freedom again and in peace in bars, restaurants, the office, or even at another person's home. Another appreciable perk in the electronic cigarette is the cost. The cost of cigarettes has continued to climb over the years. Cigarettes place a claim on anywhere from $6.00 to over $10.00 for each pack from your cash stash every time you purchase them. If you smoke just a pack a day that's easily up to $70.00 per week, or $280.00 per month. That's about the cost of a few bills, or even a car note. The e-cigarette takes your wallet back in time and gives it back the comfort it used to know. One nicotine cartridge will give you about the smoking time a pack of cigarettes lasts you and they are just a fraction of the cost. Since they are not a tobacco product, tobacco taxes are not applied to them. You have the option of several flavors from menthol, to the traditional flavor or even flavors like coffee, chocolate or strawberry. You decide upon the strength and flavor so you can stay with what matches your current preference or decide to try something new. E-cigarettes give you an enormous amount of freedom and convenience back. They lift the burden of being confined to designated smoking areas. They free you from ashes, smoke and trash. And they free your wallet from feeling as much of a pinch each time you buy a pack. You don't have to feel like a prisoner anymore just because you enjoy smoking. You can opt for the alternative e-cigarette and experience a massive difference in every aspect of smoking.
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