Electronic cigarette starter kit is the first

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-11
As it is the starter kit that introduces one properly to the vaping genre, to choose a kit that is suitable for a hassle free use and maintenance is very important, as it decides the impression you have towards the whole process. The choice of starter kits depends on three necessary criteria: number of items included in the kit, the quality of the items in the kit, and also the price of the kit. The price usually matters less when it is the matter of health and safe habits, but if the e-cig kit is a cheap one, there remains high chances that it will not be of good quality, for good things do not come cheap because of the rare quality. So, if the quality is bad, it fails to give you the desired results of safe vaping experience. The first criterion, thus, stands as the number of items included in the starter kit. Let us take the example of Fifty One electronic cigarettes, for Fifty One is a leading brand of e-cigs, and it has almost all the options in starter kits which will help you to understand the distinctions. The Express starter kit is the most basic of them all, and it contains one Duo battery that is rechargeable, two disposable cartomizers or combined atomizers with cartridges in the 'original' flavor with the strength of 11mg of nicotine, one USB charger for the battery, and a e-cigarette carrying case in the choice of the user's color. This kit is the basic one, and it is ideal if you want to have a try at electronic cigarette without investing much, for this kit comes within $75-$100. The Blue starter kit is a step ahead of the earlier one, and it has two batteries, five cartomizers, a USB charger, one wall outlet adapter, as well as a Club 51 membership card and a user manual for the new users. Then comes the starter kit with a single battery. This kit also two cartomizers in 'original' flavor of 11mg strength in nicotine, a wall adapter for charging the battery, the Club 51 membership card and the user manual instructions book. The kit with two batteries has the same components as the single battery kit, but just the number of batteries goes up from one to two. The benefit of this Blue starter kit is that the batteries can remain charged all the time with alternate use. The quality of the Blue label e-cig is of such standard that the items and products can be trusted with complete faith. The trouble with bad quality kits begins at the very beginning. The poor quality e-liquids of the cartridges are not properly diluted and filtered. The guarantee of being completely free of tobacco and tar is not there with such poor quality stuff. Also, users from all over the world who had previously used cheap e-cigs complained that their cartridge used to leak the e-liquid and spoil their purses of pockets or bags. The quality of the accessories is also a big factor, for accessories are a big part of glamorizing the e-cigarettes. The price, though comes last, is much interlinked with the previous criterion - quality. That price and quality are interdependent in most cases is a proven fact. With the increase in the quality and consequent price of the raw materials, the finished product price also increases. The Fifty One Duo refills or refilling e-liquids for the cartridges are made of trustworthy quality materials, and so they come in a standard price at online shops like ECig69.Com. Electronic cigarette starter kit is a complete factor that increases the chances of staying healthy, and it itself depends on a few interdependent factors.
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