Electronic cigarettes and the electronic cigars

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-18
Electronic cigarettes might have caused waves in most of the developed countries in the West, yet in developing countries such as India, it may have created only a small ripple. There is hardly any publicity on these electronic cigarettes which might lead to more public awareness. In fact, there are very few people who may aware of the availability of the electronic cigarettes in our country, though the electronic cigarette could bring about a complete transformation of the psyche of the smoker of tobacco cigarettes. In the present scenario, e-cigarettes are commonly available over the counter in the United States, United Kingdom and countries on the European continent. Currently, there are many habitual smokers of tobacco cigarettes who are switching over to electronic cigarettes. One of the main reasons for this switchover appears to be more on psychological grounds since the smokers feel that they would not suffer from diverse health problems that emanate from critical life endangering diseases. This would drastically bring down the mortality rate amongst smokers. A compulsive smoker not only suffers from the tobacco smoke, he also has to deal with an uncontrollable urge to smoke which is difficult to repress. This results in his moving out of the workplace to relieve his desire. It not only leads to waste of precious time but also leaving his work often. The electronic cigarette is the perfect solution to these problems of the smoker since he is able to smoke within the interiors of the office without causing side smoke for his colleagues. The electric cigarette liquid that is one of the most significant components of the electronic cigarette or the electronic cigar emits an aromatic smoke that is not only pleasant, but is equally harmless. The e-cig liquid is vaporized by the atomizer which when exhaled by the smoker creates a congenial environment. It would be pertinent to mention that an extensive promotion of the electronic cigarette is promoted through regular advertisements that would encourage conventional smokers to make a switch over to electric cigarettes as it would prove to be advantageous to both the smoker and the other people in a workplace.
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