Electronic cigarettes have been used to replace

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-15
The idea of smokeless smoking can be quite ironical and fantastic sounding but it is this feature which has contributed towards the big success of electronic cigarette. When introduced in 2003, even the inventor Hon Lik might not have expected the Electronic Cigarette Starter kit to take the world by storm as it has done now. An electronic cigarette starter kit has been supported by the users because it does not generate second hand some thereby sparing the family members from passive smoking. In addition, these electronic cigarettes do not produce ash like the regular cigarettes which helps to make smoking a cleaner option for smokers. And this helps the smokers to carry and use their electronic cigarette starter kit with them anywhere, including restaurants, theatres and airplanes. And the most important benefit of using an electronic cigarette starter kit is that it provides the users freedom from the side effects of tobacco which plagues the smokers worldwide. This benefit of electronic cigarette comes from the e-liquid that comes along with the electronic cigarette starter kit. This is because this e-liquid is a nicotine solution which helps the users to achieve the same sensation as is derived from using a cigarette. However, since this nicotine solution does not require the use of tobacco, the e-liquid enables the users to inhale nicotine only and does not result in carcinogens or tar accumulating in the lungs of the smoker. This e-liquid can have varying levels of nicotine ranging from high level, mid level and low level nicotine content. The e-liquid with high level of nicotine can be used by frequent users whereas a mid level and low level nicotine levels allow light smokers to enjoy their normal smoke without being overwhelmed. And in case the user is trying to give up smoking, they can make a gradual switch from e-liquid with high level of nicotine to a low level of nicotine and follow it up with e-liquid without nicotine content, thereby using their electronic cigarette starter kit as a method to give up smoking as well.
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