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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-03
The advance it works is simple. Each electronic cigarette or 'e-cig' has a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge filled with a liquid nicotine solution. Upon inhalation, a device is switched on which sends a gesture to a heating account inside of the unit, called an 'Atomizer'. The e-cig atomizer heats up quickly besides vaporizes the liquid nicotine solution recreation a vapor that replicates the look and taction of smoke. I think the electronic cigarette is a great stop smoking aid and definitely the best nicotine replacement therapy available on the market but should we really be treating them as a long term substitute for smoking or a stepping stone to a drug free existence? I used the e cigarette along with the 'easy way to stop smoking' book by Allen Carr to rid myself of nicotine and wholeheartedly recommend them to any smoker who wants to quit. But, my belief is that our aim should be to work on becoming nicotine free as possible. Don't get me wrong, swapping tobacco for vaporized nicotine is going to do wonders for your health if you are a long term smoker but cutting out nicotine entirely should be the next step. What I have discovered is that a life that doesn't revolve around a drug addiction is a happier, more content life. What's natural about having a constant urge to supply your body with a chemical, whether natural or man made, at regular intervals throughout the day? To me there is something wrong with finding yourself on this amazing planet and being horrified that you have run out of nicotine, but this is the predicament smokers find themselves whenever they find their supplies diminishing. Cut out the addiction and you'll be surprised how simple things become far more enjoyable and you'll probably find that you become a more productive human being. I know that many people who are still smoking or vaping are going to have a fit when they read this but I'm not writing with the intent of pissing people off, I just want convince as many people as possible that they can live a life without nicotine and the first step in doing so is realizing that whatever you think it adds to your life is an illusion. There's no doubt in my mind that E Cigarettes are miles ahead of tobacco products as a way to deliver nicotine to the system in terms of their effect on your health but is your aim to find a healthier way to be a drug addict or to free yourself from the shackles of addiction for good? My advice is to get a hold of the 'Easy way to stop smoking' book and an E cigarette if you need it as a way to get off the smokes. In time wean yourself off nicotine altogether and you'll find life to be an altogether more enjoyable experience.
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