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Environmentally Friendly The sad fact is that cigarette butts continue to be a trash concern. They can take up to ten years to fully decompose! They leach toxins into the ground, which can have a significant effect on the environment. They tar and toxins can affect birds, fish and other creatures. There's a better way. Since you don't 'smoke' ecigarettes, there are no butts to be disposed of--no butts to end up on the ground, in the water system or in landfills. Instead, they work by vaporizing liquid nicotine and flavoring. The vapor is not producing the carcinogens found in traditional cigarette smoke. E-cigs also don't produce that ever-controversial second hand smoke. Non-smokers are not disturbed by the odorless vapor produced by smokeless cigs. Even your seemingly tolerant friends and family members will appreciate not being hit in the face by your wall of smoke. Reusable batteries power most e-cigs. Any way you slice it, there is just less waste. Other Benefits Because of the clean vapor given off by ecigarettes, their use is not banned in most public areas. How long has it been since you could enjoy an after dinner cigarette in a restaurant? Now, you can do just that. There will be no more excusing yourself so you can step outside to light up or feeling embarassed when others are turning up their nose because of the smell.. Electronic cigarettes won't leave you reeking of smoke. You may not notice the smell, but the truth is that non-smokers do notice it. They are an economical choice. The cheapest electronic cigarettes can still be of top quality. You can even purchase electronic cigarettes online, which makes it a convenient choice. Whether you are looking to permanently use e-cigs as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes, or you want to use them as a cessation device, e-cigs just make sense. As a cessation device, smokeless cigarettes have been shown to be a more useful tool than nicotine gums and patches. Whatever your reasons, you won't regret your decision to buy electronic cigarettes online and give them a try.
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