How can I visit Mody Tech factory?
If you can't find a way to our factory, please ask our customer service department for a detailed path. With the increasing popularity of the popularity and the influence of the industry, more and more customers come to our factory for field visits. Shenzhen Mody Tech Co.Ltd. sincerely welcomes customers to visit our factory.

Mody Tech becomes the preferred choice for most of Chinese customers. We specialize in the production of vapor ambition tube mod. Mody Tech's RTA vaping tank is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Our vape focus pod system kit is more in line with the modern green concept. The imported production equipment is run to guarantee accuracy and quality. The product will not accumulate too much heat. The heat sink components can absorb the heat produced by it and effectively dissipate it into the surrounding environment. The product is sold to over 50 countries such as the USA and the UK.

We regularly ask our stakeholders for comment and feedback on our sustainability program. We work towards our targets over the year and monitor our progress quarterly to make sure that we are meeting them.
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