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How to select good electronic cigarette?


A. the volume of smoke
All the frame design of e-cigs, including airflow, to make sure the air system is smoothly, a good e-cigs can ensure the grate vapor and the stability of the vapor volume.  B.the advantages or disadvantages for the atomizer
Atomizer is the key part of electronic cigarettes, a good e-cigs always matches with a good atomizer.
C.The length for the batteries use
Batteries have a close relationship with atomizer, change from a liquid state to gaseous need lots of power, so how long can the batteries last is the standards to check whether the electronic cigarette is outstanding or not.
D.The form of e-cigs
A good product has a crisp appearance, closed design, and full of matchless workmanship, and it also bring people a enjoyable feeling, it is helpful for quitting smoke.
E.The taste
The e-juice determines the taste of e-cigs, vapor need to adjust and try continuously to find a suitable e-liauid.

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