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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-12
E cigarettes are easy to use. You simply assemble the electric cigarette using the components in the electronic cigarette starter kit, place the cigarette into your mouth and pull. The sucking action activates the heating element which turns the e juice into steam. The smoker then exhales and the steam disappears. When the smoker inhales, the LED at the tip of the e cig glows giving the impression the cigarette is lit. Many smokers say inhaling and exhaling the steam gave them the same relaxing feeling as smoking a tobacco cigarette. The e juice is the secret to the electric cigarette's appeal. E juice comes in hundreds of flavors. Fruit flavors are very popular along with chocolate, vanilla, caramel and cola. When you buy an electronic cigarette starter kit there is e juice included. When the e-liquid runs out you can order any flavor you would like. Generally e juice contains water, flavoring and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (both common food and medicine additives). The e liquid is also available with varying amounts of nicotine. Smokers can choose any type of e liquid they are comfortable with. They simply insert it into the mouthpiece and 'light up'. When you buy an electronic cigarette starter kit and begin smoking e cigarettes you will notice a dramatic difference. There is no tobacco smell in your clothes, your draperies, your furniture or your car. Your teeth and fingers will not have the yellow tinge that is common with tobacco cigarettes either. What you will get is great smoking pleasure and the relaxed feeling you have come to expect from smoking. Buying an electronic cigarette starter kit may be the best investment you have ever made as a smoker. That is because electronic cigarettes deliver fun and flavor. The added benefit of it being a healthier alternative to smoking is just a bonus.
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