If you're making the switch from traditional tobacco

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-24
Electric cigarettes, also commonly called electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes for short, are the newest wave of technology when it comes to smoking. Instead of smokers just throwing in the towel and trying to give up smoking through traditional cessation ways such as cold turkey, the patch, or nicotine gum, smokers are able to use electric cigarettes to either enjoy their nicotine fix without disturbing anyone else, as well as getting your nicotine in a safer way than tobacco cigarettes. Additionally, smokers are able to continue on with the physical act of smoking, which is something that many smokers state is what keeps them chained to smoking tobacco. For many, it's about having something to do with their hands, and if this is true, smokers will most likely enjoy electric cigarettes, not only because they can continue smoking, but also because they can do things like refill e-cigarette cartridges with e-liquid themselves and also replace the e-cigarette cartridges, requiring more hands on work to keep their idleness to a minimum. Electric cigarettes work by having a small atomizer and battery inside them, and they're connected to e-cigarette cartridges, which have e-liquid in them, the nicotine filled liquid that supplies the nicotine as well as the flavor and strength of the cigarette. When a smoker takes a drag off their cigarette, they're drawing up the e-liquid through the electric cigarette refill cartridge and into the vaporization chamber where the atomizer and cartomizer are, turning it into a smokeless, odorless vapor that the smoker can inhale. The smoke that is the product doesn't smell at all, and neither does the water vapor that is produced and emitted at the end of the cigarette in order to make the electric cigarettes look even more real. For smokers who don't want to spend their idle time putting e-liquid into e-cigarette cartridges, they can instead just buy disposable electric cigarette refill cartridges, although they're apparently more expensive on average than refillable ones. If you're concerned about spending the extra money, you can go with refillable e-cigarette cartridges even if you're worried about the refill process: it's actually very simple and isn't anymore work than picking up matches or using a lighter, and is similar to refilling a zippo with fluid.
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