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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-24
An Electronic cigarette, also called e-cigarette, vapor cigarette, or e-cig, often comes as part of e-cigarette kits. E-cigarette kits were invented by a Chinese pharmacist back in 2003. Today, the use of e-cigarette kits is becoming more widespread globally, such that different makes and models of e-cigarette kits are already available in the market. E-cigarette kits generally contain an electronic cigarette, a battery charger, and flavored electronic juice. E-cigarette kits are a lot safer than smoking tobacco since they do not contain nor produce carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. There are a lot of positive reviews about e-cigarettes such that smokers are encouraged to buy electronic cigarette. The popular TV series The Doctors, for example, positively identified electronic cigarettes as a great alternative to tobacco smoking. The Doctors is a syndicated TV show that brings physicians and other medical professionals to discuss health issues on TV. Many former smokers who buy electronic cigarette claim that electronic cigarettes almost completely resemble the act and experience of smoking. The only difference is that there is no hazardous smoke. Instead, only safe and flavored vapor is produced. This means that in addition to posing no health risk to the user, e-cigs do not produce second-hand smoke that has been found to cause serious diseases to people who are often find themselves near heavy smokers. In several studies, there are some 50 or so harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco products that are absent in e-cigarettes. This is something substantial for smokers who really cannot shake off the habit. There are two more good reasons to shift to e-cigarettes. One is that they can be 'smoked' anywhere given the safe nature of the vapors they produce. Another is that e-cigs cost comparatively less than traditional cigarettes when long-term use is considered. In this trying economy, no smarter shift is available to smokers.
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