In a health conscious world, more and more smokers

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-11
This non-reliance on a traditional flame is what makes the electronic cigarette much safer than traditional cigarettes. Imagine how many hazardous situations can be avoided by using this alternative. The threat of fires started by cigarette butts that have not been put out is completely eliminated through the use of this fire-free cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes that need to be lit by a flame, an electronic cigarette uses a battery-powered atomizer to administer the nicotine and flavor. Through this method, the electronic cigarette means that smokers can avoid many of the complications that smoke inhalation causes. Eliminating smoke, for instance, allows anyone who turns to e-cigs to maintain their dental and oral health. Dental problems associated with smoking are well known and are a perennial problem for smokers. From yellowing of the tooth enamel to halitosis and gum disease, these may be completely avoided by using this alternative. Other complications that using an electronic cigarette instead of traditional cigarettes minimizes are in relation to the respiratory system. Countless respiratory illnesses have been caused by the invasive nature of tobacco smoke in traditional cigarettes. Emphysema, lung cancer, and damage to the delicate structures in the lungs are all known to be caused by tobacco smoke. By using this smokeless alternative, these diseases can be avoided completely. Another benefit of the e-cig is that it doesn't disturb others with second-hand smoke. E-cigs don't actually produce smoke like real cigarettes do. Rather, they produce a vapor which is essentially just water and liquid nicotine, which contains none of the thousands of carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. This ensures that allergies and discomfort associated with real smoke are eliminated through the use of an electronic cigarette. These benefits ensure that using the electronic cigarette is safe when around children and older people whose respiratory systems may be compromised by tobacco smoke. From an environmental perspective, the reduction in cigarette butts would greatly benefit the environment considering that the filters of traditional cigarettes are made of plastics that take decades to decompose. All in all, the health benefits of using the electronic cigarette over traditional cigarettes far outweigh the costs. Indeed, it would appear that despite the initial cost of purchasing an electronic cigarette unit and the subsequent purchases of nicotine and flavor liquids, the long-term benefits in terms of health and societal welfare definitely trump the short-term expense. Perhaps the only stumbling block for manufacturers of these alternatives to traditional cigarettes is on the supply side of the equation. Though it is still more expensive, once more people understand and learn about the electronic cigarettes, the demand would force competitors to reduce their prices. Considering the various benefits of the electronic cigarette over traditional tobacco smoking, it would not be surprising if this new phenomenon becomes the norm rather than the exception within a few years.
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