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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-28
It is listed as one of the best e cig brands because of the features it contains and the quality. It offers different starter kits such as the Pro and the Deluxe, which require $89.95 and $137.95 respectively. The difference in these offers lies in the number of batteries availed because the Pro kit contains two lithium batteries while the deluxe kit has three. In addition, the deluxe kit has three chargers and a safe case too. Safe Cig also has a five-pack cartridge that sells for $12.50. It is also in the best e cig brands because it has seven nicotine levels, which target the light smokers who want cartridges that have flavor and without nicotine, to the heavy smokers who get 24mg of nicotine. The second label in the best e cig brands is Green Smoke. Its starter kit costs $139 and a five-pack cartridge cost $14.75. On the same note, you get eight flavors that include tobacco, vanilla, menthol and cherry. This product has a two-piece component because the atomizer is inside the cartridge and is changed when you refill. Some smokers shy away from this offer because of the higher price it attracts but looking at the features it presents means it is a value for money product. Another of the best e cig brands that comes with a higher price is the White Cloud. There are three types of starter kits that range between $189 and $289.95. The vapor is rich and large to satisfy the smoker's needs. White Cloud offers seven flavors including espresso, clove, strawberry and menthol, and a five-pack cartridge costs $19.95. The quality of customer care in these companies also makes them some of the best e cig brands in the market. This is because of the emphasis on customer satisfaction that makes the e cig reviews rate the companies as ideal for any smoker. In essence, a customer is assured the delivery will be on time and incase of problems with the product, the company will meet its part of the bargain as included in the warranty that every customer gets.
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