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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-27
However, probably at the relief of many Parisian smokers, they had the option to buy e-cigarettes, short for electronic cigarettes, in place of their Marlboro Lights. For a city that once lit up everywhere you turned, there was suddenly a decrease in the smell of cigarette smoke but not much of a decrease in the number of cigarettes that one could be seen smoking. It wasn't as though an electronic cigarette store was suddenly on every corner, but many tobacco shops and other stores that carried cigarettes started to double as an electronic cigarette store, offering people the option to buy e-cigarettes and any accessories they needed to go with it, such as the e-juice that electronic cigarettes derive their flavor and strength from. E-Juice is basically like choosing between Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Milds: the level and strength of the nicotine in the cigarette is varied, as well as the overall taste of the cigarette. If smokers couldn't find an electronic cigarette store in their own city, it is simple to find one online. Instead of ads for cigarettes, there are now ads to buy e-cigarettes splashed all over websites, so if one wants to buy e-cigarettes, it's definitely not hard to find them. Many stores have started carrying the smokeless cigarettes right alongside traditional tobacco cigarettes, along with the needed accessories. It's quite possible, considering e-cigarettes growing popularity, that one day you're more likely to see a sign for an 'Electronic Cigarette Store' instead of a tobacco shop, and once again, Paris really truly is 'The City of Lights'; except now, Paris is being lit up by a very tiny battery located in the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette, and the tips of electronic cigarette's little orange light floods the city with light. Paris has been put back together.
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