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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-28
The mini electronic cigarette or the mini e-cig can be looked upon as an alternative to traditional smoking as its look, shape and feel is similar. This e cig recreates not only the look of a traditional, but also the actions. When inhaled the electronic cigarette emits a nicotine containing vapour which perfectly emulates tobacco smoke. However crucially this emulation is as far as it goes. The vapour does not contain any tar or tobacco, and as such none of the clawing odour associated with traditional smoking. The LED light at the end activates when inhaling further adding to the feel of a regular cigarette. Another advantage of the mini electronic cigarette is that you can 'light up' anywhere, within reason. As the 'smoke' emitted from this e cigarette does not contain tobacco it can be used in public and enclosed places without the risk to passive smokers. The mini electronic cigarette comprises of e liquid containing nicotine in a replaceable cartridge. This liquid nicotine is turned into a vapour with the help of a little lithium battery and an atomiser. It is this atomiser which is the workhorse of the device. When this is activated it heats an element which turns the liquid into the vapour. Different nicotine strengths are available for this mini electronic cigarette like high, medium and low strength. The mini electronic cigarette has been such a success due to delivering nicotine in much the same way as a regular cigarette. This of course offers the psychological advantage of holding an object which resembles a regular cigarette. The mini electronic cigarette is also cheaper on your wallet and can save you a considerable amount of money. This article is written by an expert working for, a leading supplier of e cigs. For more detail about mini electronic cigarette here.
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