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The concept of the e-cigarette device is fairly simple. When you visit an Electronic Cigarette Store it will be explained to you in detail. It essentially involves a humidifier or vaporizer attached to an e juice cartridge. This is all part of the e-cigarette starter kit. The vaporizer renders the contents of the e juice cartridge into tiny droplets that are light enough to be inhaled. When the mouth piece is inhaled, the vaporizer is activated and immediately creates an aerosol out of the e liquid. This aerosol is inhaled by the user producing an immediate nicotine rush. The Electronic Cigarette Store will outline the steps and options that you have regarding the e-cigarette starter kit. The e-cigarette starter kit itself is a nifty package that has all the doodads that make up the apparatus and all associated powering mechanisms. The Electronic Cigarette Store will also carry a catalog of e juice that can be purchased with the e-cigarette starter kit. Additionally, a service agent will explain the process of customizing the e liquid to suit your taste to a T. The Electronic Cigarette Store can be online or in malls. They are set up to inform you of all the options of e-cigarette starter kit varieties available. For instance the basic package includes the device plus a handful of e juice cartridges. The premium package has a larger selection of e juices to choose from and the deluxe package comes with a assortment of chargers and e liquid cartridges that will last a few months. So when you are deciding on an Electronic Cigarette Store, make sure they have reasonable return policies for unopened cartridges and free shipping. These are available widely when you purchase a e-cigarette starter kit through some online stores. Satellite stores will allow you to test the product before purchasing it. Of late many stores are offering try before you buy deals, so that is another option for a first timer. This enables a user to try different concentrations of nicotine to see if the familiar rush is delivered.
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