Most of us still do not embrace the new technology

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-20
Whatever different ways you may have to clean hardwood floors, one effective and cost-saving way is using a steam mop cleaner. Steam mop cleaner like Thermoglide steam mop is attached to a steam a cleaner that uses only fresh superheated 94 percent dry steam to clean and sanitized hardwood floors. Steam mopping is a very green way of cleaning and sanitizing hardwood floors fast and easy. No chemicals, no fumes, no chemical residues and get rids off stocking chemical bottles in your caverns. No headaches on deciding what type of chemical you can use for hardwood floors because steam mopping only needs ordinary water and a microfibre or cleaning cloth. Through steam mopping method, you will never have to use again a dirty old mop filled with germs and molds to clean hardwood floors. It does not recycle dirty and contaminated water. It is a truly powerful pure dry steam vapor cleaning. What are the benefits of steam mopping? * Clean & sanitize hardwood floors simultaneously by killing biological contaminate. * Remove body oils, grease, grime and dirt on hardwood floors. * Deep cleans hardwood floors without harmful chemicals or toxic fuse. * Leaves floor dries almost instantly. * It kills allergens causing allergy or asthma. * A fantastic tool in cleaning & sanitizing floors that does not break your back while cleaning. * No need to order expensive replacement mop heads or cleaning cloths because its microfibre can be washed and reused again * 100 percent chemical free, eco-friendly and safe to use both indoors and out. Can steam mopping damage hardwood floors? Naturally, any equipment when misused can cause a surface to be ruined and makes the equipment less effective that is why it is very important to follow manufacturer's instructions. Never keep the mop head focus or steady in one spot while steaming. The longer you keep it still in one spot while steaming, the hotter the surface gets and the deeper the heat goes. This is simply heating one spot that will likely cause damage to hard floors. To avoid such from happening, use normal mopping motions. Always note that you are in complete control on how fast the steam comes out of the steam cleaner. You can either reduce or increase steam flow. Keep your family protected by eliminating harmful chemicals from your cleaning method. Steam mopping is a powerful tool that you can use any time whenever the need arises. With steam mopping, cleaning and sanitizing hardwood floors will never be hard again.
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