refillable electronic cigarette pod system kit catridge for home ambitionmods

refillable electronic cigarette pod system kit catridge for home ambitionmods

Packaging Details
Ambition Mods Focus Pod System Kit
Lead Time
within 24 hours
Supply Ability
10,000 pieces per day
PayPal, T/T, Western Union
Company Advantages
1. During the developing stage, ambitionmods vape focus pod system kit adopts different advanced techniques to remove dirt present in the water, including physical filtration and chemical filtration. It has several colors such as black and silver for options
2. Whether the motivations are economic, environmental, or personal, the benefits of this product will have something to offer for everyone. It is quality controlled according to the ISO standard
3. The product has reliable and consistent quality thanks to the detailed quality inspection throughout the whole production. The product is sold to over 50 countries such as the USA and the UK
4. The product is of top quality and has reliable performance at competitive prices. The imported production equipment is run to guarantee accuracy and quality

Product parameters
Ambition Mods


Brand Name

Ambition Mods

Model Number

Ambition Mods Focus Pod System Kit



Battery Capacity


Nominal Power

Maximum Output

Coil Material

Ceramic Coil

Resistance Value




Input Current




Place of Origin

Guangdong, China


Zinc Alloy、PC



Structure Diagram
Ambition Mods

Ambition Mods


          Timeout 12 seconds                                       Short Circuit Protection

           Low tension Protection                                 T overvoltage Protection

Micro- USD Charging

Mechanic Switch :5 clicks ON/OFF

Telescoric Drip Tip For More Hygiene
Ambition Mods

Easy and Fast Refilling
Ambition Mods

Taking catridge Out
Pulling Out Silicone Cover to refill

Compact and Exquisite
Ambition Mods

Replaceable Coil
Ambition Mods

1.2Ω Ceramic Coil
Ceramics has good stability and high-temperature resistance and Ceramic coil has better conductivity and makes coil more durable and bring customers more fine and smooth vape experience.

Silicone Plug
Coil soaking in e-juice for long time affects flavour so we use silicone plug to replace it during transportation and ensure coil works like brand new one

Ambition Mods


Catridge without coil.


Catridge closes automatically when silicone plug pulled out .


Catridge opens automatically when 1.2Ω Ceramic Coil is set .

Step Of Replacing Coil
Ambition Mods


Catridge Which needs replacing coil.


Catridge closes automaticlly when coil is ejected by silicon plug.


Catridge opens automatically when 1.2Ω Ceramic Coil is set .

Company Features
1. As an experienced professional vape focus pod system kit suppliers, Shenzhen Mody Tech Co.Ltd. has been working to promote vapor focus pod system kit revolution.
2. Shenzhen Mody Tech Co.Ltd. introduces the domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and vape focus pod system kit technology positively.
3. In order to achieve the vape focus pod system kit development goals, ambitionmods will concentrate its efforts on grasping resources and enhancing the driving force. Get info!
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