Smokers who have been searching for an exit from

by:ambitionmods     2020-04-28
The reason for the phenomenal market growth of the electronic cigarette starter kit is that its developers clearly understand the psychology and emotional attachment of smokers to their habit. The thing is, there are already a number of products that are marketed as tobacco substitutes such as tobacco patches and gums. However, these substances have not really gained success in terms of being accepted by smokers who are consciously trying to kick off the bad habit. For one thing, these substances are designed to completely eradicate the habit, with the idea of eventually being unnecessary themselves. That is, the patient's dependence on tobacco patches or gums will gradually be reduced until it won't be necessary at all for the patient to chew substitute gum or patches. The electronic cigarette starter kit takes quite a different, if radical approach. Instead of completely weaning off smokers from their bad habit, the electronic cigarette starter kit innovatively modifies the habit such that the rush, the taste, the feel, and the overall experience of smoking are retained, with the major exception of eliminating all the bad side effects. What you basically get is fun, clean smoking without the cancer-causing chemicals and environmental pollutants associated with traditional tobacco smoking. The electronic cigarette starter kit does this by using an ingeniously conceptualized fluid called the e-liquid. The e-liquid is primarily composed of water and FDA-approved substances. What an e-liquid does is to provide flavor and feel that simulates traditional tobacco smoking, allowing smokers to experience their habit without any of its side effects. Instead of burning tobacco to create toxic smoke, the e-cigarette merely heats up the e-liquid using an electronic, battery-powered component called an atomizer. When the e-liquid reaches a certain temperature, it turns into a clean, flavored vapor. By using an electronic cigarette starter kit, smokers effectively transform their bad habit into a cleaner lifestyle. Besides being a healthier alternative, the electronic cigarette is also environment-friendly as it does not produce pollutants such as carbon monoxide nor greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.
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