Smoking relapse is one of the biggest challenges

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-14
Support of the E-Cig for Smoking Cessation At the point when one decides they will not smoke again, a strong urge to make it happen quickly encroaches the nicotine user. This leads to users believing that they can just wake up one day and toss all the remaining sticks in the bin and break the ash tray into pieces. This method, commonly known as cold turkey rarely works and is the reason for most smoking relapse cases. Contrary, the new e-cigarette is recommended by medical doctors, researchers and analysts as an option for the cold turkey approach. In their approach, a successful cessation method should not attempt to deny the addict their addictive substances in a stance. Instead, gradual withdrawal have been recommend and proved to be a workable method. But instead of offering the addict the same product they are quitting from, the non-nicotinic E-cig flavors/brands have been shown to work great. In the case that the addict feels they want some level of nicotinic, the lower level nicotine electronic cigarettes may be used instead. Either way, the addict will gradually become accustomed to lower levels of tobacco and will eventually and successfully quit smoking or become a low frequency smoker. Smoking Simulation Of The Electronic Cigarette For most tobacco users, the act of smoking itself gives a fulfillment of some kind such that even when trying quitting smoking, smokers miss to see a stick between their fingers. In itself, the act of smoking may give a psychological setback for those trying to quit the habit. With the new e-cigars brands that have no nicotine, they offer a solution in that they help smokers have a simulated act of smoking which comes in with a psychological fulfillment of holding a cigar their mouth. The solution in this case is to provide the smokers with a water e-liquid and they end-up smoking water vapor instead of nicotine. This forms the 2nd strong base that advocates the use e-cigs for smoking quitters. Real Examples of People using the E-cig for Smoking Cessation Heigl; one of the main characters of the award winning TV series 'Grey's Anatomy' had struggled enough with smoking relapse. She decided to try the new electronic cigarette hoping it would bring to an end her unending trouble. Luckily for her, the e-cig offered an exact alternative to smoking and has helped her considerably reduce her over-reliance to tobacco. For her, the e-cig is not a think twice product for persons struggling with smoking cessation. It is a must buy, whether available in the local shop or whether it will mean shipping from an electronic cigarette online store-you got to have it!
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