Well an Electric Cigarette is also known as an

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-23
An Electric Cigarette may be classified as a drug device because it disperses nicotine but it may also be known as a mechanical device. Again whatever classification it is given, the E Cig has a vaporizing apparatus that has the ability to vaporize liquid nicotine into a vapor form when you inhale on the cartridge or mouthpiece of the slim, cylindrical device. It may also be designed to look like a cigarette or it may look more like a pen but the purpose is the same. Whether you call it a nicotine theory product or a personal vaporizer you may choose it over nicotine gum or the nicotine patch to assist you in stopping smoking. When you purchase one of these devices with the intent of giving up smoking you can choose different strengths of nicotine to be present in the cartridge which you can either refill or replace when it is empty. When you are stopping smoking it is difficult. In fact you may not actually be able to stop smoking so an E Cig may be able to help you do it. When you first stop smoking you must have your head in the right place because it is only you who can stop smoking. No one can do it for you no matter how much pressure they apply, be it peer pressure or the social stigma of smoking alone in a cold courtyard. So when you choose an E Cig you may choose to start with the most powerful amount of nicotine that is available in the cartridge. Then as you wean yourself from real cigarettes you can change the cartridges to a mix that has less nicotine in it. You can do this until you get to a mix that has virtually no nicotine in it. You can also choose a flavored additive like chocolate or menthol flavor to the mix. One positive feature of this substitute cigarette is there will never be any second hand smoke because there is no tobacco to burn and there will be no ashes to spill or set something on fire by accident. So it is a safer substitute for a cigarette because no one can complain you are sending second hand smoke their way. You also are not coloring all of the walls with tan cigarette smoke. There is also no odor to the vaporized nicotine so no one can complain that you stink of cigarette smoke. All of these are conducive to helping you stop smoking. Because these items have a battery that recharges you can plug them in and when charged you are ready to 'smoke' your electronic cigarette. But of course you will exhale no smoke only a vaporized breath that evaporates.
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