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by:ambitionmods     2020-04-28
Such efforts led to the evolution of the concept of Vapor cigarette, also referred to as 'vaping' recently. It was most probably the year of 2003 that world first got aware of such a concept becoming a practical reality to curb chain smoking. Though, the initial response was more of what could be called 'hopeless', but consistency paid in the longer run and in very recent past the popularity of e-smoking soared to levels quite unprecedented as projected seeing the initial responses. The evolution of the technology led to the development of a device now popularly termed as Vapor cigarette. A Vapor cigarette is also called as e cigarette, electric cigarette or personal vaporizer. Vapor cigarette to the larger extent, has been quite successful in offering the pleasure of smoking without any serious threats being posed to health or environment, as is the case with traditional cigarette smoking. A typical Vapor cigarette comprises of the following distinct elements: Battery (rechargeable in modern ones) Microprocessor Atomizer Cartridges The guise and feel of an e-cigarette or electronic cigarette is very much identical to that of a real one. It is built with an outer hard casing containing (mostly) a chargeable battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge (containing basically nicotine combined with a special type of harmless alcohol). That is why one is quite unable to differentiate between a Vapor cigarette and a conventional cigarette other than the smoker himself. What really goes on within an Vapor cigarette is that harmless vapors are produced when the atomizer inside its hard casing gets activated by the help of a microprocessor that converts the liquid nicotine present in the cartridge into vapors with the help of heat produced by atomization; thus bringing all the components of a typical e-cig into definite functions. The vapors thus produced give the simulation or feel of 'real smoke' when inhaled by a smoker, eliminating the dangers posed to human health and environment by the emission of normal tar and over two thousand other hazardous chemicals that are emitted when a conventional cigarette is lit and burnt to ashes. The important thing to note is that the figure representing this 'chain smoking' population is on a constant upward rise; a serious and definite concern to both humans and environment. To cope with this kind of situation effectively, serious efforts have been into practice since long, but the battle still continues and is quite far from over. A vapor cigarette is basically designed to help smokers quit smoking in the first place or significant enough yet, even to produce a healthy alternative to the hazards posed by conventional cigarette smoking. Both, the active as well as passive smoker are equally saved from countless health complications, courtesy to the invention of electronic cigarette.
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