When electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-15
No Toxins or Chemicals Unlike traditional hookahs which use charcoal, tobacco and other chemicals, a rechargeable hookah does not use any of these ingredients. What you get to is only water vapors and flavors. Sure, there are a few flavors that include nicotine but if you avoid using such flavors, you are pretty much safe. Since, it does not contain any harmful element; many people find this a safer smoking alternative. Tar & Coal Another advantage with a rechargeable hookah stick is that it does not contain any tar which is great news because smokers no longer have to worry about health hazards. Likewise, these hookahs do not contain any coal as they can be operated electronically with batteries that can be recharged again. This ensures that the hookah lasts for a long time without having any negative impact on your health. Safe Smoke The smoke that emits out of these hookahs is not harmful as it does not contain any harmful substance. This is a great relief to many smokers because they can now smoke anywhere they want to as smoking a rechargeable hookah pen is not banned in public places unlike traditional cigarettes. Wide Range of Flavors E-hookahs come with a wide variety of flavors when compared to traditional tobacco hookahs. This means you can smoke your favorite flavor without having to worry about its impact. Some of the common flavors include strawberry, mint, apple cider, citrus berry, etc. These flavors are available in cartridges. In fact, some of the leading brands offer refillable cartridges thus saving some money on your refill. Further, a rechargeable hookah is a better alternative because it is compact and portable. This means you can carry it with you wherever you go unlike traditional hookahs. Likewise, you do not have to worry about cleaning your hookah because it does not contain any charcoal or tobacco. Finally, if you are new to e-hookahs, try the new ego u starter kit which contains everything you need to get vaping.
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