Whether the E Cig is safe or not has not been proven

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-23
Some countries have banned it for sale while others have allowed it to be sold. One airport in one country allows you to smoke them in the airport. No one really is sure if they are safe or not. But they do not contain all of the harmful chemicals and additives that come in a normal cigarette. What it does contain is some level of nicotine. There are some questions as to exactly how much nicotine is actually in a cartridge. Some tests show more than others where some showed very little nicotine. So it is uncertain just how much nicotine you will actually inhale when you smoke an E Cig. When you purchase an E Cig the basic unit comes with a battery charger, 2 batteries, one atomizer and five cartridges. The cartridges are filled with something referred to as E-Liquid which contains the nicotine that may also have a flavor added to it. There are many choices of flavors that you might choose including a flavor that mimics a real cigarette brand such as Marlboro or a Camel. So when you smoke one of these cigarettes you are getting some amount of nicotine but you are not inhaling carbon monoxide or other toxins. There is no combustion so these are really smokeless cigarettes. If you are addicted to smoking you may find this to be an adequate substitute especially when you see a water vapor when you exhale and you can also see a tip which is really a red LED light. If this seduces into believing you are smoking a cigarette when you actually are not then you may consider this as a glorious aid to quit smoking. For certain you will not be inhaling a lot of harmful additives or actual tobacco smoke from burning processed tobacco leaves with all of their additives. If you are one of those people who really hate smoking but are addicted to it, then this may be a good option for you to try. You can always try it because the cost is certainly less than several cartons of cigarettes. Some people just like the look of a cigarette between their fingers. It used to be call elegant. It was portrayed in movies as sexy. If this is what you like then this substitute is certainly for you. You can even see a vapor when you exhale that looks like real cigarette smoke. So try it you might like it.
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