Whilst we don't expect celebrities to have genius

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-17
But not all celebs are created equal, and there is a growing trend amongst the brighter of them to switch to the e cig. Properly, the electronic cigarette, the e cig is the smart alternative to traditional cigarettes. The e cig delivers a measured amount of nicotine to the body in exactly the same way as a cigarette: you literally 'smoke' an e cig as you would a normal cigarette, but feel safe in the knowledge that it contains no tobacco, no tar and no harmful chemicals. And you can smoke it almost anywhere without falling foul of the smoking ban. There is an increasing number of celebs who have been seen smoking an e cig - proud and in public, not shamefully in darkened corners like many traditional smokers. You won't find these actors lighting up their e cig on film just yet, but that can't be too far off. You may even find some reference to quit smoking aids in the next Hollywood blockbuster. The press often calls these band of pioneer e cig smokers 'tech savvy' but there is not technical knowledge required to see the advantage of switching. I'm guessing that saving money is not their key motivator, but they are finding - like the rest of us - that an e cig delivers all the pleasure of smoking without the harmful tar and chemicals. They are odourless so there is none of the nasty smoke smell over their carefully coutured clothing. The e cig girls... - Katherine Heigl, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss are just some the most glamorous girls who have been photographed using the e-cig... and boys: Dennis Quaid, Leonardo di Caprio, Johnny Depp and Ryan Seacrest head the line up of male e cig users. You don't have to be rich or famous to see the benefits of switching to smoking an e cig but a bit of celebrity endorsement never harms.
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