Whites Electronic Cigarettes are set to launch

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-28
2012 has been a great year for the electronic cigarette industry. Sales at Whites Electronic Cigarettes have increased threefold in the last quarter of the year, whilst the industry as a whole is reported to have grown dramatically. 650,000 people in the UK alone are said to be using the latest and most effective smoking alternative, according to the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association. Media attention is likely to increase further in 2013 with an announcement on regulating the electronic cigarette industry due from the UK's government. Many people within the industry are confident that any announcement will not damage trading. Instead it should clear up minor concerns over substandard suppliers and may even bring about an official regulatory body. A new rate of tax may be the only downside to any government decision. As a whole though, electronic cigarette suppliers are looking forward to another positive year as figures suggest over 1m people in the UK will be going electronic by the end of 2013. Whites Electronic Cigarettes are improving the way their customers receive e-cig refills by creating optional subscription plans. It's a move that makes sense to both consumer and supplier. With a higher number of customers than ever, Whites Electronic Cigarettes aims to provide an even better service to customers that use electronic cigarettes on a regular basis. Monthly refill plans will include free delivery and lower prices than buying-as-you-go. Whites Electronic Cigarettes' Josh Read said, 'A subscription service is a natural progression for e-cigarette users. It is similar to comparing a pay-as-you-go mobile phone tariff with a monthly contract. Consumers know what they need so receive more for their money by signing up. They even get added benefits like free postage and will never run out of refills again'. The company also stated that it will be easy to manage subscriptions and increase or decrease the quantity delivered each month. Customers will also be able to cancel a subscription at any time to provide added flexibility and peace of mind. Whites Electronic Cigarettes subscription prices are likely to be among the lowest on the market. Combined with their industry leading value for money and taste, as tested by Which Electronic Cigarette here, a refill plan with the Oxford shire based business will be the most cost effective way to receive great tasting, premium quality cartomizer refills.
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