With the electronic cigarette alternative boom

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-24
The study was derived from over 9000 observations, and concludes positively for the e cig industry. The study focused on a comparison of observed concentrations in aerosol to occupational exposure limits. This means they looked at how many chemicals were in the sample and their concentration level, as compared to occupations standard chemical exposure limits. In the course of the study it was found use of the vapor cigarette did produce a small amount of carcinogens and harmful chemicals. However the levels of these harmful chemicals were far below the occupational standards for exposure to these specific chemicals. The study used the most up to date internationally recognized data to determine the current safest chemical exposure values by taking the 2013 TLV (threshold limit values) as published by ILO (international labor organization) The study also concludes that there is no health danger for bystanders or second hand vapors. This may have a huge impact on the current proposals to have the use of e cigs restricted just as regular cigarettes are. With no significant risk to the inhaler or second hand inhaler it seems that the e cig is the way to smoke now. This makes a few more major points to make the jump over to the e cig from the traditional combustion one. With no smoke emitted during the e-smoking process, not only do you get all of the nicotine without all of the smoke, you also get it without all of the smell, without all of the restrictions, and for now without all of the extra tax. Other benefits of switching over to vapor can include a tremendous cost savings. In some heavier smoking cases, costs were reduced by over 70% when switching over from the combustion method. You also may consider your environmental impact when making the decision to move over to e. With cigarette butts being one of the top 5 garbage problems in the world, you might sleep better at night knowing you aren't part of the problem too. With the study finding no significant health risk, you can assume that the growth in use of the e cig will continue at its staggering pace. Which one report has surpassing conventional cigarette use by 2047.
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