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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-24
The DUO e-cigarette is a special collection of electronic Cigarettes which comes in a variety of options, as well as in the complete starter kits packages. The specialty of the DUO e-cigs is that they are completely tobacco free, with the option available for the user to choose the amount of nicotine they want to be in their e-cigarette, which usually ranges from 0mg to 16mg. To come to the benefits, the first one is that if the option of decreasing the nicotine content is a big boost for the ones who are intent upon quitting the habit of smoking cigarette. If you choose a DUO e-cig, you can limit yourself with your own decision to a constant nicotine level for the first few months. Once that target is achieved, the next should be to reduce the level, and get used to the new level. With the constant but slow reduction in the e-liquid components, the goal of quitting can be achieved much easily than compared to the other substitution habits like patches or gums or sprays or such. The other very important benefit would be due to the fact that electronic cigarette is free of any harmful carcinogenic materials that the ordinary ones are full of. The e-liquid, the liquid that is used as a fuel for this device, is a combination of liquid nicotine mixed with some widely used pharmaceutical liquids like Propylene Glycol and such. The use of these materials makes the nicotine diluted and that causes much less consequences than the tobacco when one is using an ordinary cigarette. Along with this feature, the DUO Blue starter kit also gives the option of choosing any flavor of the e-liquid as you want. The benefit of using a starter kit lies in the fact that it comes as a complete package of all the things that are required to get the complete experience of e-cigarette vaping. This includes the rechargeable batteries which are made of lithium ion, and take very little power for charging. The batteries are charged with the USB charger, and the starter kit of Fifty One Blue label contains a USB charger as well, so that the regular charging for the battery can be done without any trouble. The cartridge which holds the e-liquid inside it comes in more than one flavor, and this cartridge contains in-built atomizers sometimes. The work of the atomizer is to detect with the sensors in them the inhalation of the e-cig cartridge. The sensors send the signal to the cartridge, which then heats up the e-liquid and gives the nicotine puff to the user. The reason all these things become beneficial for the users as well as the people who stay in the vicinity is that the vapor of the e-cig is smoke free. It is a basic vapor which consists more than 90% of plain water vapor, and the remaining is a mixture of the nicotine and the liquids used in the e-liquid. This results in an odorless environment, including the clothes and mouth of the e-cig user. The DUO electronic cigarette starter kit from Fifty One gives many benefits for the one who is using it as well as those who are around the user.
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