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Different Types of Vape Mod and their Advantages


 If you enjoy using electronic cigarettes, then it is a great time to be alive! Developers are working on new and exciting mods for vapers with each passing day. There are several kinds of vapes, but all fall under five major categories. Some are more beginner-friendly, while others are best suited for pros. You need not be worried. There is something for everyone.


In this review, I am going to guide you on the different vape mods available in the market and their advantages. I hope you find this article insightful and helps you get an electronic cigarette that suits you best and that you will have a good time using.


Vape Pen


If you are a beginner and have no experience vaping, then this is the vape mod that will suit you best. This is a pen-like device that is easy to use and very affordable. You require very little vaping knowledge of using a vaping pen.


Using a vaporizer pen is very convenient as it comes with little to no settings and an internal battery. If you prefer a no-fuss solution for your habits, then this is an excellent solution for you. Vape pens are also compact and lightweight, making it easy for you to carry around in your pocket. You should ensure that you turn off the device before putting it in your pocket or when not in use.


A vape pen also gives you a similar feel and look like that of a normal cigarette. This makes a vape pen a perfect solution for someone who is trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Initially, manufacturers made vape pens to look more like regular cigarettes. However, with time, there are hundreds of different types of vaporizer pens, including some that look like a thin box mod. They are now more commonly referred to as "stick."




·  Beginner-friendly


Vape pens are an excellent way to be introduced into the vaping world since they require no experience to use. There is no need to feel left out. Some of the vaporizer pens are draw-activated, and all you need to do is puff, and they will automatically engage.


·  Affordable


You do not need to break a bank to own a vape pen. No matter what your budget is, you will always find a vape pen that will favor your wallet. With the growing market, there are very many brands and manufacturers in the market who have placed their vape pens on different price ranges. I recommend that you get one that is pocket-friendly to you.


·  Help quit normal tobacco cigarettes


Vape pens are made in such a way that they still offer you the same feel and look of a regular cigarette. Therefore, if you want to quit smoking and experience the health benefits of being smoke-free, vape pens will be a great solution.


·  Vapor output control


while using a vape pen, you have total control over the amount of vapor you exhale. By adjusting the power output, airflow, and the coil type, you are also able to fine-tune your vapor volume.


Pod System


Pod mods are one of the latest addition to the vaping world. These devices are small in size and are even easier to use compared to vape pens. Therefore, if you are all about convenience and ease of use, you should totally give it a try.


Pod mods come self-contained since the battery, e-liquid, and coil are already installed. Most do not come with a firing button and simply start working once you inhale. They are excellent for beginners in the vaping world. However, pros also use pod systems as they offer an intense throat hit.


You do not have to worry about how to carry them around since they are ultra-portable because of their size and weight. They also have an option of disposable varieties that you can refill at gas stations. This makes pod systems even more popular since they widen their market.




·  User-friendly


Pod systems do not require you to play around with various settings to find a suitable setting. This makes them very easy to use if you are a beginner in the vaping world. Many pods also come draw-activated. Thus, you will not need to use a firing button every time you need to vape.


·  Easy to maintain


Most of the components of pod systems come built-in. Therefore, it becomes effortless to maintain as you will not have to take apart your device to clean every now and then. If you find cleaning a tedious job, then you will enjoy using a pod mod.


·  Portable


Pod systems are very easy to carry around since they can fit the pocket with easy and are lightweight. They are also comfortable to grip for long periods.


Box Mod


If you are looking for a bigger and more powerful vape mod, then box mod may do the trick for you. Box mods come with removable batteries making them heavier than vape pens and pod systems. Most can carry one, two, or three lithium battery varieties. Some of the types of batteries you can use are 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650. You should read the manual to be familiar with the instructions on what type of battery you can use for your box mod.


You also have the option to customize your box mod to your liking. They come with a universal 510 threaded connections that allow you to swap your tank. The best box mods come with multiple safety functions installed, ensuring your safety as an avid vaper.


Some box mods have a chipset that offers you more features and settings. They also have an OLED digital display that displays your wattage, volts, and ohms. Therefore, you are able to know when to change your battery or get new ones.




·  Long battery life


Box mods tend to have more internal space; thus, more batteries can be included. More battery power translates to higher wattage capacity and thereby a longer life for the device. This gives the mod box a greater performance.


·  Excellent cloud production


Due to the increased wattage and performance of the box mods, you get more vapor production per hit and thus more significant clouds. A regular sub-ohm vapor box mod can offer you wattages up to 300w and can produce clouds that can fill a room in two vapes hits.


 Squonk Mod


These are a variation of the box mods. They come with a built-in squeeze bottle that is used to feed the e-liquid from within the device. It goes up through the 510 connection and finally to your atomizer. The majority of the squonkers use an RDA as their preferred atomizer since it eliminates the need to dip through the mouthpiece frequently.


Squonk mods are commonly used by mid to pro-level vapers.




·  Minimized leaking


With squonk mods, the leaking and overflow are reduced because the excess e-liquid ends up back inside the mod tank.


·  Bigger mod tanks


The size of most mod tanks is 5ml or even less. However, the mod tank is a squonk mod is generally over 7ml. This ensures that you get the most out of your vaping experience.


·  Convenient


You will have a very smooth and convenient time using a squonk mod since it does not require frequent refills or dripping.


 Mechanical Mod


You will want to stay away from mechanical mods if you are a beginner because they considered to be unregulated devices. You will require to be very knowledgeable on Ohm's law before you use a mech mod. They may be similar to vape pens or even box mods but lack the safety features or fail-safes.


Once you press the firing button, the batteries send a current directly into your coil. The power depends on the type of battery you use and the amount of charge it has.


Mechanical mods gained their popularity on Instagram through vape trick videos. The most commonly used are mech tube mods, which come with a bottom-firing button. They are reliable, long-lasting, and easy to fix. They are also relatively light, thus easy to carry around since they have minimal hardware and circuitry.




·  Portable


Mechanical mods have very few internal parts such that you can count them on the one hand. They also have no internal circuitry. This makes them very easy to carry around, enabling you to vape whenever and wherever you want.


·  Durable


It will require and take you so much effort to break and destroy a mechanical mod. They are very strong, thus making them reliable and long-lasting.


·  Low cost


Mechanical mods will give you a luxury feeling while vaping but will not cost you an arm and a leg to buy. They will offer you a lot of power at a low price.


·  Intense raw power


If you are a pro vaper, then you understand that a mechanical mod "hits harder" compared to other electronic cigarettes. This is because, in mechanical mods, the distance between the battery to the atomizer coil is extremely short. The coil fires instantly and receives the battery's full power.

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