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Guide to Choosing the Right Vaping Mod


The wide range of styles and types of vape mods that the vaping industry offers can be a bit overwhelming to choose from for your enjoyment. In this guide, we’ll be helping you to simplify the process of choosing the best vaping mod. To do this, we’ll offer you the features and benefits you can get from different mods using examples of some of the best mods in the market.

What are vape mods?

Mod is a word that brought about by vape enthusiasts who had to build and modify electronic cigarettes for their own consumption. Such innovation drew the attention of manufacturers after it grew in popularity and they started mass-producing vape mods. This development made modified electronic cigarettes more and more widely available. Today, mods come in multiple varieties in terms of shapes, types, brands and features.

Why you need a vape mod?

1. Their good look!

Many vapers that don’t even understand how to use the advanced features their mods come with but adore their mod because of its look, size, feel, and vibe.

2. Higher power and more vapor!

The power range of mods is generally much higher than that of a standard e-cig and can go with low resistance atomizers, which means the release of more vapor.

3. More Control

Mods typically have advanced features which help to offer the user more control over their vaping experience. This applies perfectly well to mods that offer speed adjustment options in the way the coil heats up.

4. Much longer-lasting Battery life

Mods relatively have a much durable battery lifespan and even between charges. However, the exact lifespan of the battery is based on what power level you often put it at.

Features and Benefits

Most easy mods come loaded with lots of features, that include essentials such as variable wattage, charging systems, stealth mode which people will hardly need and many other extra features. So, to make a good choice of a mod, it is important to learn enough to understand what each feature offers and what they add to your vaping experience.

Power Range / Variable Wattage

In the vape market, most mods have the feature that helps you adjust the wattage that connects to your atomizer. It can be labeled as “variable wattage” (VW) mods.

When choosing a mod, consider the range of power settings. Typically, a wide range is much better. However, anything high in power is not needed by most vapers.

For instance, the Aspire NX75-Z offers a power setting of 75 W maximum compared to the 220 W that GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W offers. However, in most circumstances, most vapers don’t go above 75 W. Thinking about what you really need is the best advice you can get.

But if you are a fan of higher lower-wattage devices that produce big clouds, then go for higher higher-power mods.

Temperature Control

Choosing a vaping mod that comes with temperature control (TC) functionalities helps you set it to a specific temperature when vaping, instead of specific wattage.

With that, you can avoid “dry puffs” and get the ideal flavor your e-liquid actually produces.

Consider the varying range of temperatures a TC mod offers as in the Coolfire IV TC100 from Innokin which ranges from 150 to 315 C or 300 to 600 F.

TC vaping needs either, titanium, nickel or stainless steel coils. A lot of the modern TC mods support these coil materials. However, you should check before buying.

Output Mode

Most of the mods don’t come with multiple output options apart from temperature control mode, wattage mode, and at times “bypass” mode. Certain mods provide extra options with differing strength modes, for example, Smok Alien 220.

If you set the strength of the output to “soft”, it will give you a much gentler puff start. Selecting “hard” boosts up power at first offers a harder-hitting vape. Though you can still go for the “norm” (normal) output mode, which has great additional options for those looking for some extra control over the experience you get. It’s more or less like the ramp-up mode with another name.

Coil Resistance Compatibility

The design of mods is such that they support wide-ranging tanks and atomizers which means their set up can make them compatible with lower and higher-resistance coils. Today, lower resistance support is more relevant than that support for higher resistances. For instance, sub ohm tanks usually use coils with resistance at 0.5 ohms or lower.

Even a mod in VW mode designed for coils of from 0.1 and 3.5 ohms, as well as TC mode, are compatible with coils of between 0.05 to 1.5 ohms of resistance. Note that these types of differences between VW and TC mode are common, considering that TC coils typically have lower resistances and with a TC mode, you don’t keep on vaping at the same wattage.

Pass-Through Charging

You need to consider whether to choose a vape mod with a “Pass-through” charging feature or not. This function refers to vaping while charging the battery of your mod at the same time.

It is a useful feature, mostly in case you have only one device. It implies that you always have something to vape since you can be charging and vaping.

This also means that your battery takes a longer time to charge and the more you vape, the longer it will take to charge.

Most modern mods come with this feature, for example, the Innokin Coolfire Pebble.

The Battery and the importance of Capacity

Choosing a mod with the right battery capacity is among the most vital things to think about when purchasing e-cigarettes. Considering this factor basically lets you know how much battery life you’re getting from your mod as seen in the number that mAh follows. To buy an e-cigarette, especially a mod, the key thing to put in mind is that a battery with a bigger number is preferable.

If a mod carrier 3,000 mAh battery, it can have the same duration as a 1,500 mAh battery mod provided your vaping rate takes the wattage. The Coolfire IV TC100, for instance, has a 3,300 mAh battery, capacity unlike the 1,300 mAh for a smaller Coolfire Pebble.

Note that with a bigger mod, you can generally have a longer vaping charge in between charges.

Removable or In-Built in battery

It is all about what you prefer. Mods with in-built batteries are simpler to use and mostly preferred by newbie vapers. It requires that you buy it and plug into the USB cable when it’s time to charge. After charging, you’re free to vape like any other mod.

The advantage of bringing a spare battery for use is a vital one as that gives you more vaping time and no worries about charging until when the charge runs out. Also, you don’t need to buy a new mod when it ages. Replacing a battery is better than replacing a mode because of its aged and bad battery. The downside is that finding a good removable battery for a mod can be a bit challenging.

Safety Features and Protections

Most mods are “regulated” devices, meaning that they have chips which control their power output as well as support other features. Regulated mods come with benefits such as in-built safety features that help you stay safe.

You may also prefer mods with a low battery cutoff since they do that to prevent you from keeping on vaping when the battery is low as most vapers typically do. It’s a great safety feature.

Also, another safety feature is a short circuit and protection of your battery from being overcharged.

Stealth Vaping Mode

It is a simple feature that shuts off the mod’s screen and all other lights each time you’re stealth vaping. If you wish to use an easy mod for a smooth vaping experience, go for this type. It actually features in many mods.

Child Lock or Password Functionality

If you’re protective of your kids by making sure they don't take your vape mod and do something unacceptable with it, choose a mod that comes with a child lock or password feature. Some devices carry a handy feature for locking them, but others like the Aspire Archon offer a specifically designed child lock feature that has password protection. That’s a great feature to provide parents with a peace of mind about their kids safety.

However, vapers with children still need to guard against keeping the mods in places accessible to their children because the danger of kids playing with an e-cigarette is quite great.


Some people who don’t appreciate big and bulky mods. Mods like the Coolfire Pebble, are impressively portable and powerful at the same time. However, it’s also wise to consider that bigger mods come with bigger batteries and a longer lifespan between charges. They also generate more power.

Ease of Use

When a mod is complex, vapers seem to turn their attention elsewhere. Unlike basic pen-like devices, mods are more complicated and come with a display screen for showing settings and buttons for adjustments that lead to your main “fire” button. If you’re particularly looking for an easy mod, then there are variations of mods you can explore for use.


One essential thing about your choice of a great vaping mod is whether you know the leading brands in the industry and are looking for the best models. Well-known brands have a solid reputation due to their exceptional performance.

Innokin is a perfect example with the Coolfire IV TC150 being an excellent mod that also comes from Innokin with a history of outperforming most mods. With this said, your choice of brand is still based on your personal experience and preference.

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