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Things You Should Know About Vaping Mod


A vaping mod is a larger device in size than e-cigarettes, and this device is known for high vapor production. Vaping mod takes its formula from a regular vape pen, but as it is modified, the name was derived from it. The modifications of the vaping mod can take various forms. For instance, huge vaping mods tend to have larger batteries, and it holds more e-liquid. Moreover, the mechanism of vaping mods is more powerful than e-cigarettes. These improvements are unavailable in regular vape pens. People use vape mod for personal preference and to get innovative experience, that regular vape pens don’t offer. Vaping mods provide improved performance for advanced vapers and let them experiment. 

If you want to upgrade your vaping hardware, then Mody Tech is the perfect place for you where you can get upgraded vaping mod. Shenzhen Mody Tech Co.Ltd is an innovative enterprise that focuses on the development, manufacturing, and distribution of E-cigarettes. In this article, you will come to know possibly everything that you should know before vaping, and then you will be a pro vaper. 

How to pick the exact vape

Presently, there are countless types of vapes in the market, and it isn't very easy to choose the precise vape. Various vapes make the vaping experience more thrilling and exciting. Before picking the best vaping mods, it is essential to know about various vaping styles and the functions of common vaping mods. Though the vaping needs differ as per many vapers, still there are some standard requirements. These common requirements are long battery life, ease of use, efficiency, and portability. Before starting vaping the basic two things that you have to know are about the vaping device and the e-juice. 

Types of vaping mods- There are various types of vaping modes. 

Box vaping mods: Box vaping mods are one of the popular vaping mods in the market, that is all about customization and power. With this vaping mod, the vaper can control the temperature level, and it gives the vaper flexibility during vaping. With flexibility, the vaper can control temperature, power and vapor production. The box vaping mods come with superior battery life. Each of these mod can store 18,550 batteries, and all of these batteries are easy to swap. There is a chipset in box mods that offers more personalization. Moreover, the user can change the lighting, screen color, and the puff count limits. There is another important feature of box vape mod of having a changeable pull feature. There is also a voice control feature and Bluetooth speakers present in Box vape mod. As the modern device of box vape is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, these are convenient to use in job sites. In these vaping mods, vape tanks and RTAs can be swapped. Moreover, RDAs via 510 connection will provide the vaper with more customization. 

Pod vapes-These vaping mods are the latest version of vaping products that have launched recently in the market. The pod vapes come with an electronic pod system. These vaping mods are considered as one of the most efficient vaping mods in the market. It is a two-piece device that has one battery as a refillable pod. These vaping mods are not only affordable and easy to use; instead, this mod offers a high-end performance than regular e-cigarettes. The pod vapes are suitable for nicotine salt e-liquid. These vaping mods are perfect for stealth vaping. 

AIO vape mods: AIO or All-In-One vaping mods are suitable for starters. This vaping mod is usually operated by a single button. Still, some vapers prefer to take a draw from the mouthpiece of this vaping mod. All-In-One vaping mods are outfitted with internal batteries and a charging port. So, the vaper does not need to carry batteries around. The ultra-compact design and the lower vapor production level make the AIO vape mode one of the most portable designs in the market presently. AIO vape kit is ideal for them who are transitioning from smoking. 

Vape starter kits:Vape starter kits are ideal for beginners, and experienced vapers, as well as these kits, offers extraordinary convenience. Most of the starter kits come with a box-style mod or tube, vape tank, coils, charging cable, and other spare parts. All the vaper needs to add the batteries. In these starter kits, the user will get the scope to choose the best CBD vape juice to feel the best experience of vaping. 

Vape pens:Vape pens are larger than cig-a-likes. These vaping mod come with huge size, and these are compact enough to fit in the hand of the user. Vape pens are made of two components; one is the tank, and the other is the battery. This vaping mod can be detached, or it can be upgraded to the All-In-One vaping mod. Vape pens come with improved performance, replaceable coils or cartridges, ease of use, and long battery life. Vape pens are perfectly suited for intermediate vapers. 

E-cigarettes:All types of vaping mods can be categorized as E-cigarettes. The term e-cigarette is usually used for cigar likes, that resembles a cigarette in shape and size. These e-cigarettes are available in various designs. This vaping mod is available in one or two-piece designs, and these are extremely easy to use. The one-piece e-cigarettes are disposable, whereas the two-piece e-cigarettes are outfitted with replaceable coils. These vapes are small in size, convenient, affordable, discreet and ideal for stealth vaping. 


The entire vaping experience depends on the usage of the vaping unit. For using the vaping unit properly, everything related to vaping that includes various vaping mods. Hopefully, this above information will help you to know about different vaping mods and how to choose the best vaping mod as per your convenience. For a beginner, a simple-to-use vape will be beneficial. Though there are a lot of reasons to lean towards vaping, still the most common reason for vaping is to quit smoking. As for smokers, it is difficult to quit smoking instantly, and a vaping mod will help as it is convenient for newbies that make the transition more manageable.

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