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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-18
Ecigarette is an electrically powered device that aims at reducing someone to smoke. It is run by batteries. It produces smoke because of its batteries and it lit up as indicated by its LED indicator. Hence, an electronic cigarette's battery is one important component of it. If you will buy a starter's kit, you can come across with so many brands and manufacturers but I am telling you that selection starts with battery choices. As time goes by, people want to puff and vape more before charging their electronic cigarette batteries. A 650 mAh battery can absolutely give you the battery time you needed especially if you are a travelling person and have no way to recharge along the way. However options like 750 mAh batteries can be considered as well. This type of battery can give less life yet charging time is really fast. Another option can be the 1150 mAh batteries used in some new designs of electric cigarette, bigger and better battery life for overnight vaping experience. Battery life is always a consideration because you don't want to find yourself in the middle of session with a LED light that seems to be dying. A low battery life can cause the e-liquid to jam inside the cartridge thus it won't produce any smoke at all. It is important then to take note of your battery's life so you can always charge it. Since it is just a small component of the ecigarette, some smokers tend to bring extra battery just in case. Also, aside from battery life, make sure to know as well how to charge your electric cigarette. Some can be charged automatically by using a USB cable directly connected to a pc while others needs to be plug in to a designed charger. Electronic cigarette batteries are not just accessories but rather a part of a cigarette essential to make it work properly. According to some research and trials, a good battery should last 100 puff or equivalent to 20 sticks of regular cigarettes. It means it should be enough to get you through a night of regular vaping and smoking without worrying about its charge.
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