Fifty One is a leading brand for e-cig, and the

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-03
Electronic cigarette is an invention that has created revolution in the world of health and habits. The internet is full with information on the subject of this device, and what makes it so special. The brand that has gained a worthy name in this field is Fifty One, and the way you can begin a healthy experience of vaping electronic cigarette may as well go through the Fifty One electronic cigarette starter kit packs. There are mainly two ranges of the electronic cigarette kit for the Fifty One e-cigs - the Fifty One duo and the Fifty One trio. These two ranges have some distinct characteristics and the accessories. The most important difference between these two kit ranges is that the Fifty One duo e-cig starter kit is the beginner's kit which comes mainly in a lesser amount of money. The Fifty One trio range is for those who are already acquainted with the electronic cigarette concept and have been vaping. The main reason for me to suggest this is that you would not want to invest money in a completely new product if you are not sure about whether you will like it or not. And for those who like to keep it stylish, the Fifty One trio starter kit is a good option to give a healthy habit one shot at increasing your health conditions. The two different ranges have a number of e-cig kits in their kitties. First to talk of the Fifty One duo e-cig kits. There are four types of kits in this collection - one with a single battery, one with two batteries, one with two batteries and a number of cartridges, and the final one is a kit with accessories. The single battery and double battery kits have the basic components, like the rechargeable lithium ion battery, the refill cartomizers, the charger with wall adapter, and the membership card for Fifty One and a booklet with user instructions. The duo blue label kit is the one with five refill cartomizers and the same components as with the other two kits. The final kit is the one with accessories like the colored steel carrying case in five different colors - pink, blue, red, black and silver. These carrying cases are also available separately in the online store of ECig69.Com. The trio kits, which are the luxury range kits, are five in number. There is a kit with leather case. There is also a deluxe kit which includes all the components that you need in an electronic cigarette starter kit - cartridges with different flavor and nicotine options, all types of trio chargers, two rechargeable batteries, membership card, user manual and also extension cable. The Fifty One trio electronic cigarette kit with colored battery is one good option to start a vaping experience, as you can choose a colored battery of your preference from five colors - pink, blue, black, gold and silver. All these batteries have the tips jeweled which shine when you use them. Then there are the two types of the basic beginners' kit from the trio range as well. Both these are for those who want to graduate to the trio luxury kits but want to begin safe with less expensive kits. These kits are also the one battery and two battery pattern. The electronic cigarette starter kit packs from Fifty One duo and trio ranges are thus loved and trusted for their completely tobacco free characteristics. Also, free from any harmful carcinogenic materials, these e-cigarettes are safe fro the user and also those who stay with them.
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