Not so long ago, a mysterious device was developed

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-28
To be honest with you, quitting analogs is an extremely difficult task. And the reason why is because you are NOT fighting against nicotine alone. That's exactly why every other smoking-cessation product has miserably failed. The truth is you are fighting against nicotine AND the actual habit of smoking a cigarette. And that habit is so strong that it's not even funny! That's exactly why electronic cigarettes are a game changer. That's the unfair adventage. Think about it for a second, you are getting your nicotine fix and you still feel like smoking a regular cigarette. But you are not exposed to harmful smoke and all the toxic garbage that an analog has. In a nutshell, every time you inhale the electronic cigarette produces a vapor that contains nicotine. And that is what you 'smoke' (you are not smoking anymore, you are vaping now!). As no harmful second hand smoke is generated (when you exhale) you can smoke you e-cig anywhere you want. Not to mention that you are also being cool to other non-smoking people who will enjoy so much more spending time with you when you don't smell like an... well, when you smell smoke-free. That's the nice way to say it :-) The electronic cigarette will also save you money. The initial purchase may be a little bit scary (around $150 bucks for the complete electronic cigarette starter kit) but when you do the math you'll realize that you are saving a TON of money each and every month like clockwork.
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