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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-11
What's worse, we have many teenager smokers nowadays, which is on the increase every year. This fact has been paid more and more attention as teenagers are the future of a nation. Reasons for a teenager stars smoking may be curiosity, peer pressure or persuasion. Whatever the reason is, it is apparent that no matter how much they are told that smoking is bad few of them are going to quit it. Consequently, this group of people are more likely become lifetime smokers years later. Moreover, horrible diseases will haunt them one day. Now that smokers have realized the hazard of smoking, why don't they try to quit smoking? As a matter of fact, it is nicotine that makes smoker addicted to smoking, which can be got rid of by their immense amount of willpower, a huge amount of support from family and friends and for some, expert medical advice and help. It seems ridiculous but it is a fact that over 50% of smokers wish that they didn't smoke and that they could give up tomorrow, according to a research a few years ago. However, when it comes to illnesses, it seems that they are much more apt to take suggestions to quit smoking. It is, for a smoker, rather easier to quit it by their own will than being persuaded or prohibited. Most research shows that people say they smoke to relax themselves. Cigarette brings on a feeling of relaxation and while it cannot make problems go away, it can only help people to feel at ease for a little while. Other reasons people may use pot include peer pressure or a part of religious ceremony. However, a new product- electronic cigarette has been designed for those heavy smokers who cannot easily escape from smoking. Appearing a few years ago, this healthier cigarette is allowed at public areas like offices. Generally speaking, e cigarette is much cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarette, which absolutely saves smokers a lot of money whether they purchase at wholesale stores. One electronics cigarette cartridge is equivalent to 10 tobacco cigarettes and costs much less than the traditional one. Besides the benefit in finance that smokers get from e cig, they also keep hazard away by switching to e cig. This latest cigarette does not contain harmful chemicals that are naturally found in tobacco, which cause a range of health problems, including lung cancer. Thus, smokers do not have to worry about their health. Since e cig does not contain tobacco, it is not flammable; therefore, it is not restricted by the smoking ban and can be used in public places including bars, offices, and casinos.
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