People everywhere are realizing that tobacco isn't

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-16
There is a new technology being used as an alternative to cigarette smoking and it is called the electronic cigarette. Essentially, it is a small cigarette sized device that uses a battery to power something contained within it called an 'atomizer'. When you inhale from the e cigarette the atomizer is triggered and a liquid nicotine solution is instantly turned into an odorless vapor that is almost identical to smoke. The e cigarette's innovative new technology yields many advantages in comparison to the age-old practice of burning tobacco. The vaporization process requires no flame or source of ignition and because nothing is being burned there is no tar or carbon monoxide as a byproduct. The vapor produced by the e cig is entirely odorless and isn't considered secondhand smoke, so you are able to use electronic cigarettes anywhere, regardless of antismoking laws. You will no longer have to step outside into the cold, or set aside interruptive breaks at work to smoke, you can simply use the e cig at your convenience and carry on with what you were doing. The e cigarette produces no ash or cigarette butts and leaves absolutely no smell on your hands or breath, creating a practically immaculate smoking (or 'vaping') experience. The electronic cigarette is also extremely versatile. There are several different flavor blends and nicotine strengths offered, giving you complete control and flexibility over your vaping experience. Some of the flavors typically available include (but are not limited to) cherry, vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, menthol, apple, tobacco and coffee. You can choose a nicotine strength for your e cig cartridges, ranging from High Nicotine to Non Nicotine. You are even able to choose the external color of your e cigarette and the color of the LED light that is built into the tip. It is all up to you! Electronic cigarettes are changing the world of smoking in leaps and bounds. Even veteran smokers of 20+ years are finding that after trying the e cigarette, they have actually found something that they enjoy more than smoking. If you think you are ready for something new, then don't hesitate to try an electronic cigarette for yourself today!
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