The Arizer V Tower is easily becoming one of the

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-19
All of the options are displayed on a small LCD screen that makes it easy to read and choose your desired settings such as speed, timing and temperatures. It also gives to the option of using either a whip or a collection balloon, to enjoy the vapor. The balloon is better for multiple usages but the whip is more for personal advantages, although both are great for a slow intake of vapor. It makes the vapor longer lasting and more relaxing. The features and options included with the Arizer V Tower make it one of a kind. It has a new midnight chrome finish adding to its sleek appearance and is more compact. It also has fast ceramic heating element, redesigned solid state circuitry and is 50 percent more energy efficient. Other accessories that are included with purchase are the glass cyclone bowl, mini whip with a glass elbow adapter, a mouth piece, 3 foot grade vinyl tubing, a glass stirring tool, additional replacement screens and a potpourri and oil dish. With all of these great qualities the Arizer V Tower is a must buy. It is guaranteed to give you the most effective and smooth feeling every time you use it. Not only is it affordable but also durable and long lasting. There is also no need to worry if it gets damaged or suffers normal wear and tear, seeing as though that it come with a limited lifetime warranty. It is easily one of the most revolutionary smoking devices and is perfect for everyone.
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