The bad effects of cigarette smoking have been

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-16
Though there are many substitutes for nicotine replacement therapy, they are designed to fulfill cessation strategies. But e-cigs fulfill both the cessation strategies and recreational aspects. No wonder, this tool is making waves in the tobacco market since it mimics the original cigarette in many aspects. The public health advocates send eloquent warnings on the harmful effect of tobacco smoking and the tobacco producers have failed to introduce a product that can reduce the risk of smoking. Though no direct studies measure the effectiveness of e-cigs, the users' reviews show that they are very effective in reducing the carving for tobacco cigarettes. Another effect is the nicotine delivery of e-cigs is very less than that of the tobacco cigarette. An e-cig is a device that deliver only nicotine vapor by the vaporization of propylene-glycol solution. The act is termed as vaping. The whole process contains no combustion of tobacco; hence, it is free from any smoke, tar, smell and other hazardous toxins present in real tobacco cigarettes. E-Cigs are neither manufactured nor marketed by any tobacco company. They are marketed by small distributors and dealers and today they are increasingly popular. The positive features of e-cigs are: Tobacco smoking has been regarded as the principle cause for high number of diseases and mortality rate around the globe. No doubt, electronic cigarette safety is gaining popularity in everyday life. The evidence and reviews show that e-cigs are much safer to use and it is the best tobacco cigarette cessation technology which should to be promoted.
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