The CBN wheel is a diamond abrasive wheel, which

by:ambitionmods     2020-04-30
The CBN wheel has a high thermal conductivity and grinding efficiency. It is highly resistant to water, oil, acids, and alkaline liquids. Its hardness allows the creation of more precise parts. These characteristics make it a long lasting tool. When it comes to cutting materials, consistency and precision are very vital. This is because these materials are being formed and divided into pieces to create a product. Without these two factors, the quality and appearance of that product would be greatly negatively affected. To perform like it should this wheel has to be produce with reliable consistency. The CBN abrasive grade must be uniform and reproducible. All manufacturering processes must be in tight tolerance. When this happens, then the wheel can produce parts that are high quality. Another important factor that makes CBN wheel unique and above other devices is the process of its development. So, how are CBN grinding wheels made? First, CBN grinder wheel stands for cubic boron nitride. This is a chemical compound that stands next to diamond when it comes to hardness. It usually is in diverse but crystalline form. This compound possesses unique qualities that are applied to the CBN tools. Second, the crystal like and hard material of boron nitride are subjected to high pressure to form and develop them into something very useful. This process is far different than how other sturdy minerals and stones are crafted, such as the diamond. Diamonds although harder than the CBNs are weaken during it forming. Some elements and steps that involve their reshaping could form other materials that could make them dull and ineffective grinding devices. Finally, the now formed tools are put into test for precision and consistent cutting. If the tool does not perform per specification it is rework until its performance is perfect. There are some CBN wheels that are made for high performance by using a polycrystalline CBN abrasive grit. When this grit is deposited by chemical vapor deposition, it produces a unique crystal structure. This gives this wheel wider use in industry. When a CBN wheel reaches the machine shop, it has been found to provide decreased manufacturing costs. Even though this wheel is more expensive than other grinding wheels, it has been found to: 1. last longer than other types of wheels 2. reduce dress cycles 3. increase productivity because of less wheel changes and fewer dress cycles. 4. produce less scrap, since wheels last longer. 5. produce better honing for the next production step Overall this wheel produces higher yields with less wheel costs and less rejects. Are you ready to give this wheel a test drive? Get a sample and see what it can do for you.
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