The E-Cig is much more harmless. In fact, the

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-23
The E Cig does not release any pollutants into the air that we breathe when you smoke it. This device is much more environmental friendly than your average tobacco cigarette. Also, an E-Cig does not produce any smoke smell, which means your clothes, hair, and belongings can smell fresh again. Even non-smokers will allow you to smoke an E-Cig in their homes. No Tobacco Means Cheaper Insurance Have you ever compared a smoker's insurance to a non-smoker's insurance? Being a tobacco smoker means you are a high risk of having health problems. A non-smoker is considered a healthier being, which means less health problems. Further, insurance companies will provide you with lower rates if you quit smoking and become tobacco free. Maybe you do not need to quit smoking to be legible for lower rates, and that there may be a better solution. An E Cig are the best substitute a smoker could ask for because you're not required to give up smoking for there to be a benefit to your health. An E Cig is known to look and act like a cigarette, but do not contain the harmful ingredients a tobacco cigarette does. This means you can maintain a healthy life and not have to deal with health problems. If you switch to smoking an E Cig, make sure to call your insurance company and advise them you are no longer a tobacco smoker, and watch how your insurance rates will drop. On the bright side, if you switch to an E Cig you will feel so much better health and body wise, even your breathing will feel better, and this is because no poisons are within an E Cig. Finally, E Cig do not produce second hand smoke like tobacco cigarettes do. They do not need to be lit up by a flame, and the best part, even though you smoke an E Cig, to insurance companies, it is not a tobacco cigarette, which means a healthy body and more money in your pocket!
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