The electronic cigarette starter kit is an innovation

by:ambitionmods     2020-07-13
The e-cigarette is composed of an atomizer, a mouthpiece, a lithium battery, and a cartridge or chamber for storing e-liquid. Some e-cigarettes look exactly like actual traditional cigarettes. Others look markedly distinct and could be made up of plastic, metal, or composite materials. The e-cigarette works by heating the e-liquid stored in a cartridge or chamber using the battery-powered atomizer. When an e-liquid heats up, it eventually turns into vapor. The vapor is similar to the smoke produced when burning tobacco but with one major difference. The vapor produced from an e-liquid only contains clean water and safe flavoring unlike tobacco smoke that literally contains hundreds of chemicals, some of which are extremely harmful to people's health. One such chemical--tar--is responsible for millions of human deaths around the world due to ailments such as lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and emphysema. Chemicals such as carbon dioxide are also classified as greenhouse gases that aggravate the already compromised state of the environment. Since 2003, the use of the electronic cigarette starter kit has experienced phenomenal growth owing to the aforementioned health and environmental hazards. In addition, long term smokers claim that the proposed alternative is even a lot better than the habit it is designed to eradicate. First, the electronic starter kit is a convenient package to use. it is also affordable and cost-effective in the long term, requiring users to just purchase clean and safe e-liquid to continue their healthier lifestyle. Having an electronic cigarette starter kit is also becoming a trendy, stylish hobby due to the innumerable customizations available. Users get to select from a very wide range of colors, designs, flavors, and accessories, making the electronic kit an excellent and safe hobby to pursue. The electronic starter kit is a boon for smokers of all stripes--chain, heavy, occasional, social--because in addition to eliminating the health and environmental hazards of traditional smoking, it also circumvents the numerous legal prohibitions against smoking. With e-liquid tasting great, and vapor cigarettes looking cool, there is no reason for smokers to continue exposing their health to the hazards of traditional tobacco smoking.
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